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Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 Ohm Reviews


Excellent but you do need to avoid bright or mediocre sources.


Pros: Effortless detail and musical insight. Wide sound stage. Slight treble lift helps old folk like me. Revealing.

Cons: Awful with bright sources. Needs a proper headphone amp.

When I first unpacked the DT990s I plugged them into a rather good Ruark radio playing on my desk. The result was an absolutely awful, screechy performance. Having recovered from the shock I remembered that I had boosted the treble on the Ruark to make speech clearer. Several reviewers say the DT990s are screechy but that really is a source problem. They do have a slight treble lift and reveal the source exceptionally well, so if the source is bright, they will let you know!    Plugged into my best sources, a Benchmark DAC2 and a Beresford Caiman 2, they are absolutely fabulous. I listen mainly to classical and jazz and these allow an effortless insight to the performance with...
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Great cans out of the box!


Pros: Soundstage - amazing. Good bass, great separation of instruments, and beautiful albeit recessed mids. Comfort!

Cons: trebles, build could be better

It's been a long time coming this headphone, and I've finally pulled the trigger on this pair.   I'm in Australia - where the retail prices of these cans were ludacris (AUD$347) - and they were on 'sale' for AUD$249 when I got them. Still daylight robbery, but I thought for the comfort and convenience of local warranty...   Having previously owned a number of headphones / in ears (mostly for mixing as opposed to pure music / movie enjoyment), I thought I'd pamper myself with one for the aurals.   This is fresh out of the box - probably an hour + of listening, and I'm sure it'll get better once it's burned in. The reviews are in comparison to an ATH-m50,...
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Great Headphones


Pros: Great bass, sparkly treble, good mids

Cons: Reveals sibilance in vocals pretty easily

Overall, these headphones are great. They have a very unique sound and their upper range is really fun in songs with bright upper ranges, like triangles.

This is a review of 32 ohm DT990 Premium headphones


Pros: Amazing comfort, revealing detailed sound, great bass response

Cons: no detachable cables, 32 ohm impedance still needs amping to drive from a phone

As a disclaimer, this pair of DT990 was a review unit from Beyerdynamic.   Arrived in a rather large box, beside a high definition picture of the headphones and a detailed technical spec, I always appreciate how Beyer guys honestly describe the sound signature and talk about the comfort without any hype or exaggeration. A lot of other companies write a flashy phrases to artificially boost their product, but with every Beyerdynamic product I reviewed in the last few months - the description was always spot on. Inside of the box you'll find a pleather case with a foam form fitting interior for storage and carrying of DT990. The only other accessory is screw-on 1/4" adapter. Out of...
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Suits my particular taste both in signature and music genres.


Pros: Slight "V" signature (which I like), Excellent bass extension & soundstage. Great for Rock-N-Roll & Watching Movies.

Cons: Can be slightly fatiguing to some on the high end if not properly amped.

I'm in a situation where I generally can't try out headphones before making a purchase so I really have to do my research; and I did a ton before deciding on these.   I wanted a an "open" over the ear headphone with a large soundstage lots of detail and good bass extension. I wouldn't call myself a "basshead" but I know that I also don't care for cans that don't have any bass punch. My initial "wants" brought the 990's right into the picture.   I tend to listen to mostly Rock-N-Roll, some pop and a lot of alternative and electronic from the 60's-80's. Modern is mostly hard rock with some pop (Yes I pretty much skipped most of the 90's crap). Also toss in some Classical....
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Still my main set after 2 years


Pros: Detail, Bass body, Treble, PRaT, Soundstage, Dynamic

Cons: Needs right setup, Somewhat recessed mids, Fatigue

The DT990 is my first HiFi headphone after the AKG K181DJ and also my ticket into the world of Head-Fi. First off, I have to say that my impressions are pretty consistent with what seems to be the mean impression out here on the web; I tried out al sorts of headphones that were comparable in price before deciding on the DT990. And I know now what it was that made me do it: the amount of detail and air between the different instruments. I tried the higher Sennheisers (HD6X0's, 5X8's) before I tried the Beyers and thought they were nice, smooth, definitely more refined and clear than my K181's. But when I put on the DT990 for the first time I was vortexed...
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Wake up Neo

beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 250 ohms


Pros: High and detailed sound quality, Large soundstage, Good bass, Comfortable open headphones

Cons: Quite strong treble for some people, slight issues with build

I have only just started using the headphones a few days ago but I really recommend them. The sound quality has been excellent out of the box, as I am still wearing them in, but so far very impressive. The sound stage is considerably wider and easier to distinguish different instruments or 'layers' to the music. They are also great for gaming, detailing the exact locations of enemies and allowing me to hear echoes and high pitched sounds that i never heard before. I have two slight issues with the build...One is where the cables come out of each side into the headband. The cable comes out of the speaker and if you rotate the cups to far the metal hooks press into the soft rubber...
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Lots of bass & treble, not for everyone


Pros: Bass, clarity, soundstage, comfort, build quality

Cons: Sibilant, mids

Build quality is very good, they do feel "premium". The finish doesn't attract fingerprints which is nice.   Comfort is good, you do feel the headband putting a slight pressure the head after a longer session, but it's not bothersome. The velour pads are nice and the ears do not get warm.   The sound signature is very V-shaped. They have a lot of bass especially for an open headphone. It's a quite weird experience at first to get this much bass and have the quite large soundstage and bright treble, all at the same time. At first I really liked the sound, but after a longer listening session problems start to become more obvious. The bass does overshadow the quite...
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Incredible Midrange


Pros: Accurate Bass, Lush Midrange, Comfort, Build Quality, Nice Soundstage

Cons: Treble Lacks Some Detail

I reviewed the 32 ohm version of the DT990 Premium Open headphones and I have to tell you it was a joy.   I'll touch on the major points here but if you want to see my full video review or read my written review, you can head over to the link below....   http://www.headphonereviewhq.com/reviews/beyerdynamic-dt990-premium-review/   Briefly, here's what I loved about the DT990 Premiums.  First, they might be the most comfortable set of headphones I've ever put on my head - yes, even better than the T1's or Beyerdynamic's other high end sets! The build quality is incredible and the midrange is probably the best you can get on a set of headphones in the $300's....
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impressions after 1 year usage


Pros: sound, design, (unique)

Last year I bought Beyerdynamics DT990 Premium with 250 Ohm in a custom design:     I really love their design (Of cause, I also designed them in some way :p)! The opportunity to create your own, unique style for these high end cans is pretty cool. You can do this on beyerdynamic's website, but it's probably a bit more expensive than in other shops. (besides the cost for your design). The sound: I love the not-so-neutral sound, with slightly more highs and bass. The bass isn't boomy at all, it's very precise. I wasn't sure about that before my order, but know I'm satisfied. Normaly I'm listening rock or techno. These were my first high end cans, so I...
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