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Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Limited Edition 32 Ohm Reviews


One of the most well rounded headphones I've ever owned.


Pros: Near perfect spectrum and stage, durable, comfortable, great for discrete night use.

Cons: Velour pads are a must, some may find the cord too short

If you're like me you buy headphones with the intent of putting them through the wringer. I wanted headphones that would enable me to listen to music, watch TV/movies and play video games as much as I pleased. I scoured forums, marketplaces and even blogs to find a pair of headphones that were truly balanced, comfortable, durable and discrete. The Beyerdrynamic DT770 Pro L.E. 32 Ohms were the headphones that came out victorious, and they definitely fulfilled their promise.   To start let's talk about audio quality. Lows are punchy and clean but never go overboard, mids are crisp and detailed while the highs really shine. The sound stage is quite impressive so your material really...
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Nice audio fidelity for a good price, though not perfect.


Pros: Audio fidelity is detailed. Bass is good, but can be weak. Isolation is great. Price good for what you get. Durable and comfortable for long wear.

Cons: Cord is long/stiff and is annoying for day to day commutes. Highs are sparkly. Can make your head pretty hot. Exterior details come off easily (meh).

So, I've had these cans for about a year now, which I sought out through recommendations on this site. I'm not an expert, but I do understand the basics behind audio and stuff, so I figured I'd give back to the community by offering my thoughts. Hopefully it helps someone with a purchase decision. I'll break this down into sections that were relevant for my selection of these cans, as well any additional thoughts that came up. 1. My usage and Music Preference I'm a university student, and typically commute a good deal on a day to day basis. As such, I wanted a pair of cans that I could take with me everywhere, that I could just toss into a bag and head out without worrying too much...
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DT770 Pro Limited Edition 32ohm


Pros: Bass, mids, highs, clarity, laid-back, nuanced

Cons: hot to wear, cheap plastic finish

  DT770 Pro Limited Edition 32ohm   Look: 770/LE mostly resembles standard version, except for the words and printing on the ear cups. It's plastically ugly kind of black color, sadly.   Comfort and Isolation: Due to its light weight, it does not add too much pressure on the top of the head. Ear pads are pleather but not of high quality material. Isolation is good and helps quiet listening quite a bit.   Sound Quality: For the price it's a nice offer. Soundstage is big. I don't feel much congestion. It's not flat, like the standard version, actually gives a nice sense of space. Bass is punchy but not as tight as other headphones. Vocals are pretty...
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DT770 Pro Limited Edition 32Ohm


Pros: Very Easy to Drive, Bass, Bass ..... Bass

Cons: Stock Earpads are Pleather. Short Cord.

  Hi,   I'll be updating this guide periodically, I just wanted to get something out there quickly as I know various people are considering this set of headphones but there isn't much information out there about them. I'll be referring to these headphones as the 'LE's' throughout this review for the sake of my fingers.   Minor Disclaimer, I am not very experienced with Head-Fi gear, this being only my second owned pair of decent cans. I have, however, demoed quite a lot of sets while considering whether to purchase this pair. I also bought these in the UK so I paid £136.00 for the headphones, plus £20 for extra pads.   Okay.  ...
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OK for the price


Pros: Isolation, soundstage (for a closed headphone), detailed, comfort

Cons: harsh treble, poor bass extension

I bought this headphone as part of a search for an birthday present for my little brother (going for that brother of the year award, he deserved it). I tested and listened to the DT 770 pro 32 ohm for about 2 weeks before sending it back and ultimately going with the Sennheiser Momentums. Keep in mind that these are just opinions based on my headphone experiences and I do not claim for any of this to be accepted fact. Blah blah blah, your mileage may vary ;) For this review, I would like to start with things I liked about the DT 770. The first thing that really jumped out at me was how well they isolated! None of the headphones in my collection isolate well so finally having one that...
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First purchase of higher end headphones, very satisfied.


Pros: Excellent for movies and music, and can be driven by portable players.

Cons: They're closed, so they have the typical limitations of closed designs.

I purchased the 770s primarily to be able to watch movies late at night without waking up my wife. The 32ohms happened to be significantly cheaper than the 80ohms when I was buying, so I got the 32s. It's no substitute for my speaker system, but it is definitely an acceptable compromise, with good bass and a "big" cinematic sound.  Also, since I watch just as many older movies as new, with lo-fi mono and stereo soundtracks, these headphones are forgiving enough for that material.  All around, a perfect choice for me.  The next time I get on a plane, these will go with me as well.  My Zune has just enough push to drive these to adequate levels, though a small amp would...
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GREAT Headphone for Metal Lovers on the Go!


Pros: Indescribable Durability, Amazing Sound Quality, Very well balance

Cons: None

So I have these phones for a little bit now and I can say that I absolutely LOVE them. They do require a little bit of burn in to get the full sound but out of the box the quality will blow you away. I've tried the other ohm versions and there is very little difference between them, except the 80 ohm tends to be a bit more bassy. But considering the balance and excellent bass on these its doubtful you'd really need much more. These phones can handle EVERY range of music and I know I was personally looking for phones to handle metal and rock (which hard to find now with all the headphones having bloated bass and nothing else) and i can confidently say these are the ones.   To...
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DT770 32 ohm LE


Pros: Bass depth and body, treble detail, soundstage, clarity

Cons: Recessed midrange, a little hollow, a little boomy

Really liking these so far. The LEs are not quite fully powered by my Nexus 4, but my Samsung Infuse with Voodoo Sound does them justice well below full volume. The soundstage is really impressive for a closed can, it seems almost as big as my friend's DT880s, albeit not quite as deep and natural; however the vocals are not as noticeably recessed as the 880/990 which seem to place vocals further from the listener as an artifact of having more depth.   Big, dynamic, but clear sound, no portion of the spectrum noticeably colors the rest. The midrange is mostly neutral but does have a little bit of that "Hifi sheen" that makes vocals sound just a tad bright, but not so much...
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