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A Review On: Beyerdynamic DT-990 Professional Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT-990 Professional Headphones

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Pros: comfort, immersive sound, quality , spacing , durability

Cons: cable could be detachable(nitpicking)


let me start with the common confusion of burning in cans!!

with a huge amount of forums that generally end in personal arguments, i am completely quizzed if im to believe in it or otherwise..

however, its not much of a loss to try it out as they can only bring out the true sonic characteristics of a headphone, if at all there are example being my xb500s change in sound once burnt in, but it wasn't the same with the shure se 535(then again BAs need no burn in or so is the talk) ,

at the time of this writing i've given the dt 990 pros a 100 odd hours of white, pink,brown noise profiles and music .

they were pathetic straight out of my i started to burn flac cds and play them through my onkyo sr 501 ...yes!!! they need a lot of power but that is very evident from the 250 ohm label.

the bass is really crazy and in fact its quality bass providing a lot of signature to the overall sound!! yes im talking about quality bass and not brain disorienting vibrations(xb 500basshead.gif)..

i wouldn't call the mids recessed at all, instead its just a bit overshadowed by the full bass and treble. when i heard some boney m tracks(flac), i found the vocals upfront, attention grabbing and good enough to prove wrong the rumor ....but the vocals don't stand out with respect to the instruments during chorus and the like even though there is no sacrifice on detail...which contributes to the so called 'recession' behaviour...yet again, this is partly subjective as im comparing them to my super-forward mid-centric se 535... i would still consider the mids to be clear with immense clarity and on its own league of sorts! 

however reminding myself of the se 535 signature, the dt 990 pros had a strengthened amount of texture in comparison to the shures, this might be part of the balanced armature sound vs dynamic sound debate.

another noteworthy point > these make a a stupendously brilliant movie headphone ...

let me make this point clear. movies like inception(yes!!hyped, overly so) and the general works of Nolan have a sense of eerie and this fear of sorts is very hard to come across while watching them on poor screens with poorer audio seperation.

and this eerie, which is part of his direction, became very evident once i watched it through these cans, i almost peed my pants when marrion cotillard looked onto the camera in dicaprio's dream basement in inception...and watching bourne ultimatum was a heavenly pleasure...very very realistic and detailed sound ... tires screeching, gunshots, shell casings landing, glass breaking ,bombs going off and impacts are just absolutely mental!! 

i can only imagine what terminator 2 judgment day would sound like...apparently thats next on my listbiggrin.gif

and now for the treble.

treble is a bit piercing, especially if you listen to mainstream pop but for movie watching i find this brings out a lot of realism in the sound.  this would be my ideal sounding headphone if the treble is brought down by 4 decibels but then again a 300 ohm resistance adapter will do this faithfully.....

yes! i've found a true keeper in them and i suspect that for a real long time i will restrict my hi-fidelity search to iems alone! 

another common budget recommendation with these cans will be the cmoy bb amplifier as it also mellows the treble and brings more body to the mids! 

happy listening!! 



hey, nice informative review there turgid.
you'd said elsewhere that you found these on a budget online..mind indicating where? im looking for another set of cans too :)
scotland - thomann de
Awesome review. Has helped me tremendously. :)
Thanks for the review!
Thanks Great Review
Dead on comment about the fantastic movie headphones! I got a pair for watching movies in the evening when my kids are trying to go to sleep and my better-side is trying to sleep. Fantastic detail but still very engaging. I actually find them to be good "spectacle" headphones. Great for movies, for music give more a "concert" kind of experience with some pronounced tight bass, but still clear in the mids, I drive mine with a Yamaha Video Reciever or a NAD Amp for music
I wanted to ask if I was to be using these headphones with the computer I currently have would the Creative Sound blaster 5.1 recon3d card be enought to power these? where I would be able to use them adequately? I am new to the world of quality headphones and Just want something that is overall quality. If anyone coulod get back to me I would really appreicate it.