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Beyerdynamic DT-990 Professional Headphones Reviews


The Heavy Hitting Beyer Dt 990 Pro


Pros: Dynamics, Sound Stage Width, Bass, delicate mids, airy treble

Cons: 3D Imaging Not the best, Too much bass at times

    Beyerdyanmic Dt 990 Pro 250 ohm [Price $190 New]   Source Win 7[Foobar2000 WASAPI] -> oDac -> MonoPrice Premium Coaxial Cables -> Matrix M Stage [0 /+18 db Gain Lme 49990 OpAmp]   The Beyer Can, having a higher impedance reaches it's optimal sound at 18 gain, volume is adjust accordingly   Compared against modified Audio Technica w1000x [Stock $350 Refurbished-After mods $500]    8/9 Songs are without EQ, Benga-Invasion does feature an EQ by my self. This should demonstrate the ability of a headphone to handle EQ.   My second primary headphone. I've had it for around 6 months now, and shame on me for not posting a review sooner. It was so wonderful, I suppose it didn't need...
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One of the best for the price


Pros: Clarity, Soundstage, Details,. Price, Comfort, build quality, Design

Cons: Sibilant, A bit too much bass, Slightly recessed mids

Hey, this is my 1st review in head-fi forums & I am by no means a critic, so this will be a qualitative newbie review. 1st of all, I'll let you guys know that I've got them at an amazing price of just 144.99$ through a momentary sale going on for these cans. I previously had the Ultrasone HFI 580, so my review will be somewhat based on their comparison as well. I'll be breaking the review down to packaging & accessories, build, sound etc.    Packaging & accessories- The headphones come in a simple white box. One side is covered with transparent plastic through which you can see one side of the headphones with Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro 250ohm written on it. On...
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brilliant movie hps


Pros: comfort, immersive sound, quality , spacing , durability

Cons: cable could be detachable(nitpicking)

let me start with the common confusion of burning in cans!! with a huge amount of forums that generally end in personal arguments, i am completely quizzed if im to believe in it or otherwise.. however, its not much of a loss to try it out as they can only bring out the true sonic characteristics of a headphone, if at all there are any..an example being my xb500s change in sound once burnt in, but it wasn't the same with the shure se 535(then again BAs need no burn in or so is the talk) , at the time of this writing i've given the dt 990 pros a 100 odd hours of white, pink,brown noise profiles and music . they were pathetic straight out of my laptop...so i started to burn flac...
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Gateway drug to head-fi addiction


Pros: Extreme comfort, powerful bass, nice soundstage

Cons: Treble sparkle can be overpowering, no removable cable

If you’re in the market for audiophile-grade headphones, you’ve probably heard of Germany’s professional audio electronics manufacturer Beyerdynamic. In the business of handcrafting premium headphones since 1924, Beyerdynamic is synonymous with hi-fi audio and head-fi enthusiasts worldwide. It’s no surprise then, that when setting out to find a headphone that would deliver high-end performance free from the esoteric claims and sticker shock that have become commonplace in the world of audiophilia, Beyerdynamic’s offerings come highly recommended. Sitting back to enjoy a great stereo system is my preferred listening experience, but due to the fact that I spend more time in a cube farm...
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"Beyerify" this - a 140$ German headphones packing an absolute bang for a buck!


Pros: Comfort, Sound stage, details, unlimited amounts of bass (a debatable "pro" though), sturdy construction, PRICE, loudness, sturdy telephone cord....

Cons: ... and weak cord attachement to a headphones themselves, VERY fragile membranes, bass dominance.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today i will describe my third pair of DT-990 Pro by Beyerdynamic!        Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro 250 Ohm for their price of 140 dollars able to outperform every other headphones on the market with the same price tag.  Without further delay i must notify you that those headphones are not the very first ones in my posession (i owned three DT-990), but will be reviewed from this point of view because many professionals already own better pieces of "tech" and know everything i have to say.      These headphones (i bought three pieces just because i was addicted to their sound) are used by me  for my personal projects...
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With a bit of getting used to, the DT990's offer detail, separation, and clarity.


Pros: Clarity, soundstage, detail, treble, bass, COMFORT, build quality

Cons: May be too bright for some

Please note that all are opinions from a fairly inexperienced head-fi’er (see below for what I have to compare to). I am sixteen, and for the entire review, I am listening to rock. See below for a full list of the albums/artists that were used most for this review. So, all in all, this is a review of the DT990’s and how well they play with rock to my young ears. Still with me? Great, then lets get into it.     My other headphones: ATH-M50’s, Grado SR80i’s, and a short stint with Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears. I am amping with a PA2v2 through a FiiO LOD that connects to my 32GB iPhone 4s. I bought the DT990’s on eBay with 25 hours of use for $130.       ...
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Glorious Symphony No. 5 in C minor by Beethoven and Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky etc.


Pros: Audio is superb - Excellent differentiation of details, wide expansive glorius concert hall classical music; extremely comfortable.

Cons: Need headphone amplifiers to enjoy bass for rock music

I have the 600 ohm model. So a headphone amplifier is obligatory especially if you are hard of hearing from too much loud music. I reserve this for classical music and home use. Just pure indulgence to the ears for pure magnificent and expansive concert hall experience. Perfect companion to classical music.    Try it with Mikhail Pletnev – Swan Lake, Op. 20: Act II By a Lake: No. 13. Dances of the swans: VI. Tempo di valse or Mikhail Pletnev – Swan Lake, Op. 20: Act II By a Lake: No. 13. Dances of the swans: V. Andante - Allegro because the audio experience is simply magnificent.  

very good with a dedicated amp


Pros: very confortable, very open, good build quality

Cons: need and expensive amp to show its real potential

I use this one a lot and like it for its clarity and specialy on acoustic and classic genre it have a very good potential.   The sound improve a lot with a high end amplifier and for example the issue for people who find it too shy on bass comes often from their source.   I found the mids a little bit recessed on this one but with a decent amp it's something not to bad.    Good overall I think its one of the most confortable headphone I tried except the HD800 that do better but very good for long listening sessions.   You can see an other review here: http://ftwaudio.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/beyerdinamic-dt-990-pro-review/

Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro Review


Pros: Exceptional sound quality, wide frequency range with full details, extreemly low distortion levels, velour pading for confort

Cons: sound leakage, no sound isolation, look bulky, non detachable cable

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO
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