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beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones Reviews


A True Eye Opener. A True Bargain. A True Class Act!


Pros: Wide Sound Stage, Open Back Design, Up Front & Involving, Instrument Separation, Clarity, Bass, Imaging Placement

Cons: Slight Mids Recession, Slight Clamp, Fairly Shallow Ear Cup Depth, Fatigue Once Amped Over Extended Sittings

Okay I'll start by saying I'm a budding audiophile, only been in the scene for a couple of years and in that time made minimal purchases so my experience isn't ideal. Figured I'd mention that straight away, that being said I'm typing this review for and from the perspective of fellow budding audiophiles or even folks totally new who want to upgrade but don't know which way to turn....   So the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, is one of the best built headphones in the business at the price it sells for. The black arms that connect to the cups look plastic but they're of a metallic material, that same material goes under the fake leather headband (pin button topped) and criss-crosses at the...
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Versatile, very fun headphones that offer bass without stuffiness


Pros: Very comfortable, non-harsh vocals, fun, soundstage, almost grain-free, excellent bass extension, value, build quality,

Cons: Needs a tube amp, slightly dipped mid range, very bright, cringeworthy treble before burn in, slightly thin upper bass (bottom heavy)

I bought the DT990s for use with bass music such as hip-hop, drum and bass and electronic dance music to compliment my AKG K702 65th Anniversies, which I have since sold.    Build and comfort: the build on the DT990s is excellent like most Beyers, and is made in Heilbronn, Germany. It is made from high impact plastic for the cups and spring steel for the headband and bales (yolks), with replaceable velour ear pads and a replaceable vinyl headband pad. The headphones are very grippy and tight, so that may be an issue for you guys who are sensitive to caliper pressure. It is not an issue after about 5 minutes of wearing. The pads have plenty of space for your...
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The Heavy Hitting Beyer Dt 990 Pro


Pros: Dynamics, Sound Stage Width, Bass, delicate mids, airy treble

Cons: 3D Imaging Not the best, Too much bass at times

    Beyerdyanmic Dt 990 Pro 250 ohm [Price $190 New]   Source Win 7[Foobar2000 WASAPI] -> oDac -> MonoPrice Premium Coaxial Cables -> Matrix M Stage [0 /+18 db Gain Lme 49990 OpAmp]   The Beyer Can, having a higher impedance reaches it's optimal sound at 18 gain, volume is adjust accordingly   Compared against modified Audio Technica w1000x [Stock $350 Refurbished-After mods $500]    8/9 Songs are without EQ, Benga-Invasion does feature an EQ by my self. This should demonstrate the ability of a headphone to handle EQ.   My second primary headphone. I've had it for around 6 months now, and shame on me for not posting a review sooner. It was so wonderful, I suppose it didn't need...
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One of the best for the price


Pros: Clarity, Soundstage, Details,. Price, Comfort, build quality, Design

Cons: Sibilant, A bit too much bass, Slightly recessed mids

Hey, this is my 1st review in head-fi forums & I am by no means a critic, so this will be a qualitative newbie review. 1st of all, I'll let you guys know that I've got them at an amazing price of just 144.99$ through a momentary sale going on for these cans. I previously had the Ultrasone HFI 580, so my review will be somewhat based on their comparison as well. I'll be breaking the review down to packaging & accessories, build, sound etc.    Packaging & accessories- The headphones come in a simple white box. One side is covered with transparent plastic through which you can see one side of the headphones with Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro 250ohm written on it. On...
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brilliant movie hps


Pros: comfort, immersive sound, quality , spacing , durability

Cons: cable could be detachable(nitpicking)

let me start with the common confusion of burning in cans!! with a huge amount of forums that generally end in personal arguments, i am completely quizzed if im to believe in it or otherwise.. however, its not much of a loss to try it out as they can only bring out the true sonic characteristics of a headphone, if at all there are any..an example being my xb500s change in sound once burnt in, but it wasn't the same with the shure se 535(then again BAs need no burn in or so is the talk) , at the time of this writing i've given the dt 990 pros a 100 odd hours of white, pink,brown noise profiles and music . they were pathetic straight out of my laptop...so i started to burn flac...
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Great sounding pair of headphones. Great value and robust feel


Pros: Great detail in the highs and the mids. Deep bass. Outstanding build quality and comfort.

Cons: Lack of replaceable cable. Coiled cable is a bit ugly.

I have those paired with Creative Zxr and I am impressed with the quality of the sound. Some are saying the Zxr overwhelms with bass but I don't feel this. The bass is enough, it can be definitely felt but its absolutely not leaking into the mids. Those mids on the other hand... detailed, crisp full of dynamics and precision. And the hights - oh..  Listening to piano and violin concertos is so pleasant. Soundstage is wide and with the Zxr channel separation is very pronounced. The packaging is simple, there is nothing special there, Beyerdynamic could have included more "premium" carying bad/box but hey, for below 200$ this is what you get. The build quality on the other hand is very...
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Lost in translation


Pros: Powerful bass for an "open" design. Extremely durable and comfortable.

Cons: Treble can get harsh at high volume. Mids sound distant. Bass can get boomy/loose.

My Setup     Tested with my Dell XPS 8700 desktop going optical out to a Yamaha RX-V365 amp (1/4 inch headphone out). I played various files (FLAC, MP3, M4A) at different bit rates using the fubar2000 media player with all EQ off. I am borrowing this DT 990 from a friend who purchased it a few months ago. I will compare this headphone to my Sennheiser HD 600 throughout this review. Note the HD 600 is double the price but serves as a good benchmark.     Design/Comfort (8/10)     In terms of design this is nearly identical to the DT 770. Since I already went into detail on the design in my DT 770 review, I will only focus on the differences...
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One of the best Mid-fi headphones for trance !!


Pros: Spacious and airy soundstage, Treble and bass quantity, Somewhat warm and clear mids, god-like for movies, Made in Germany, bang for the buck.

Cons: Treble and bass quantity, Thin and recessed mids, V shaped sound.


Gateway drug to head-fi addiction


Pros: Extreme comfort, powerful bass, nice soundstage

Cons: Treble sparkle can be overpowering, no removable cable

If you’re in the market for audiophile-grade headphones, you’ve probably heard of Germany’s professional audio electronics manufacturer Beyerdynamic. In the business of handcrafting premium headphones since 1924, Beyerdynamic is synonymous with hi-fi audio and head-fi enthusiasts worldwide. It’s no surprise then, that when setting out to find a headphone that would deliver high-end performance free from the esoteric claims and sticker shock that have become commonplace in the world of audiophilia, Beyerdynamic’s offerings come highly recommended. Sitting back to enjoy a great stereo system is my preferred listening experience, but due to the fact that I spend more time in a cube farm...
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Great cans *for the money* - Need good equipment - Have difficult highs


Pros: Meaty and detailed in lows and mids with very good bass quality, good highs for acoustic music, and some EDM

Cons: Requires better equipment than you would think from the going retail price of under $200. Gets annoying with pop, rock, distorted guitar, cymbals...

Background: I've had these for over five months and put at least 200 hours on them.  They still have a lot of energy in the highs, yes, and taming them is an essential part in enjoying them. They are super comfy and super well-built, with lots of real metal.    Important Note of Preference Regarding Gear: All parts of the chain matter here: dac, amp, interconnects and the recording itself. Sibilance appears in vocals on MP3 tracks, but not with WAV files and above usually, especially of your DAC can use an ASIO filter. (I know it's controversial scientifically, but these phones seem to highlight the harshness of other output modes to my ears).  They can...
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