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beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Headphones Reviews


A neutral, airy, comfortable all-rounder


Pros: Neutral, balanced, detailed, airy, comfortable, well-built

Cons: Some might find the treble too peaky or the bass not present enough

Introduction   I've had my DT880 for over two years now, and I figured it's finally time to give it a proper write-up. Of course the DT880 is nothing new. It was introduced into Beyer's Premium lineup in 2003 and got an aesthetic makeover, along with the entire Premium lineup, in 2005. This is the version I have (the 250 ohm variant). It competed with the HD6x0, and later the K70x, as one of the three top dynamic headphones in the world. The DT880 was the bright, airy one out of the bunch. Lots of headphones have come and gone since then, and Beyer itself has released a new (much more expensive) flagship, the T1. What kind of value does the DT880 offer today? Let's find out. ...
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Best Rock n' Roll headphone ever, but is a chameleon overall!


Pros: Smooth and balanced. Like the HD600, but with more precise timbre

Cons: Non-removable cord

I have the 600 Ohm version of these, so other impedance models will probably vary in sound. This said, I find this to be a wonderfully balanced set. They exhibit no harshness to my ears across several genres such as Rock, Metal, Pop, Jazz Fusion, and classical. I believe the timbre of the instruments is what sets this one apart from other easy listening phones like the HD600 and 650s. You can hear the resonance of wood on strings in classical arrangements, especially quartets and such arrangements. The upright bass in several of Holly Cole's releases is clear and clean. Meanwhile, that timbre is what carries the signature of the impact from bass drums and the upright bass alike. For Rock...
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A perfect blend of comfort and sound quality


Pros: Balanced, detailed, very comfortable

Cons: no detachable cables, 32 ohm impedance still needs amping to drive from a phone

As a disclaimer, this pair of DT880 was a review unit from Beyerdynamic.   Arrived in a rather large box, beside a high definition picture of the headphones and a detailed technical spec, I always appreciate how Beyer guys honestly describe the sound signature and talk about the comfort without any hype or exaggeration. A lot of other companies write a flashy phrases to artificially boost their product, but with every Beyerdynamic product I reviewed in the last few months - the description was always spot on. Inside of the box you'll find a pleather case with a foam form fitting interior for storage and carrying of DT880. The only other accessory is screw-on 1/4" adapter. Out of...
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i have the 250ohm 2005 wonderful headphones worth every dolar you paying for them.   good bass  dont have big soundstage  good treble and mids not the best clean sound but still good   i hear all I hear all kinds of music and they sound amazing in every each one of theme   highly recomended!

Good starting headphone!


Pros: Sound quality, looks, comfort

Cons: Non-detachable cords

First off, let me just say that I am in no way an expert regarding headphones. I'm actually quite new to this whole scene. I only own the Audio-technica M40X and these headphones. The headphones are powered with my Fiio E09K amp.   There's already been said so much about this headphone, and I don't think about this headphone much different than any of these people do.   It's a great headphone, sporting a tremendously comfortable design with (in my opinion) fantastic sound quality. It's a very pleasant, and "airy" sound. This is a nice contribution to the fact that you almost cant feel the headphones on your head, due to the comfort of these headphones.   The only...
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Perfect for acoustic folk songs and other genres probably


Pros: Rich, warm, detailed and balanced audio, super comfortable to the ears,

Cons: Needs amp.

Superb sounding to the likes of Howie Day and Matt Nathanson. They sound perfect. Thanks to this pair of sweet babies and Spotify of course. Been a premium member for two years now. Life without a good pair of headphones and Spotify will be so unbearable now.    For classical music for example, Sarah Walker – Symphony No. 9 in D minor 'Choral' Op. 125: I. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso,  what may sound harsh to the ears with a pair of Soul Ludacris 150 (which I have a pair), is transformed into sweet symphonic magic with the Bere 880. Treble is detailed, smooth as silk and classy. 

Treble masters


Pros: One of the best treble performing headphones, extremely comfortable, very well build

Cons: Bass is not enough for a bass head

I'm reviewing the 2005 edition 250ohm version.   As I said about how good it is in the pros and the weaknesses in the con is all I can say about the headphone.   Soundstage is great which make these fantastic for gaming. The rest sound of the sound (mids/bass) are neutral and are done well.   Great headphone if you really care about treble.
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