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beyerdynamic DT 770 Stereo Headphones Reviews


Super All-Rounder For Bass Lovers


Pros: Does most music well.

Cons: Doesn't do anything perfectly. Expensive

Having realized that I'd never like Sennheisers because of their lack of bass, I went off to find Germans that appreciated bass.  Enter the 770s.  The folks at Beyer realize that if you want a headphone to be all "mids" then all you have to do is use your default ipod earbuds.  The true mark of garbage headphones are the ones that cannot do frequencies on either end of the spectrum.  Either too high or too low.  They sound like clock radio speakers, if you will.   The 770s are not those.  These have low lows and high highs, to the point of being sibilant.  I had to roll my treble off a bit to be comfortable.  But once you do...
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DT770 250Ohm Initial Impressions / Mini-Review


Pros: Awesome with every kind of music, super deep and controlled bass, crystal clear highs

Cons: Headgrip is a little too strong right now, need amping

Background   To this day, I have owned a couple of "pretty good" headphones (in my opinion pre-DT770 : * Sennheiser HD555 * Sennheiser HD448 * Shure E2-C IEMs (lost/stolen) * Ultimate Ears Super-fi 5 IEMs (lost/stolen)   I also own an Fiio E7 DAC/amp, which I used along with my HD448 at work.   Needing a closed headphone for work, I decided ot purchase a pair of DT770 250Ohm after a lots of reading on here and arround the web. So, I've pulled the trigger on those and the much praised Modi/Magni duo. I actually got the Modi2/Magni2 straight from Schiit's website (note to all canadians: they might not be as cost effective to us with the new USD/CAD change rate...
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For Bassheads


Pros: A lot of bass, good velvet pads, good build quality

Cons: Vocals and mids fade in the middle of bass, lack of soundstage, too strong clamp.

These were my first pair of cans that I consider my baptism of audiophile stuff.    I used them with Fiio E10 as dac and Schiit Asgard as amp.   Yes, they sounded good, but not as good as my friends Sennheiser HD580.    Don't try to use then in computer onboard's audio, cause the impedance is a bit higher (I heard about the 250 ohms, but mine was 80 ohms).    I listen to psychodelic rock, progressive and all, but I didn't felt the details on it.    When listening The Doors, I didn't heard Jim's gourgeous voice very well.    So, I just recomend for eletronic or anything like this. For an incipient audiophile...
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DT770/250 Edition micro review


Pros: nice tight, deep bass. Awesome clarity and definition

Cons: overpronounced sharp presence

I'll write more about them in a few days…
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