Needed a honest headphone to do some multitrack mixing.

A Review On: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

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Pros: Smooth sound, balanced, extremely comfortable, sturdy build.

Cons: Soft mids, absent image.

So I bought this BD DT770 pro because I am in the middle of mixing the tracks we've recorded with my metalband. Because I am a truckdriver, I spend a lot of time in my truck, dragging along my laptop whereon I do the mixing. I definitly needed a good headphone for studio use. By doing some homework I decided that The DT770 pro was the one I couldn't go wrong with, so I ordered it.


Before these headphones I owned a Pioneer SE650 and a Sony MDR CD570. The Sony is decent but a bit too strong in the treble departement and has good subbass but not enough mid-bass. You can imagine that the DT770 was a huge step up for me. It's tradionally build, with a steel headband covered with a removable padding, big sturdy plastic cups, velvet removable earpads and an old school adjusting system with clickpoints.


The sound was the best i'd ever listened to and I was really happy with it. It has only been used on the laptop and to do the vocal recordings on a multitrack BOSS device. The singer never heard a better set of HP than this one !


But it was after a bought a used AKG K271 studio, it's in the same price catarory, that I realised it's flaws.

The DT770 has this soft, almost absent, mids. This results in mixes with too much guitar in it. It also has a stereo image that seems to put instrument outside your head instead of inside. This is hard to explain for me and very subjective. But the image is completly different compared to the AKG, which seems more logic to me.


Bottomline: great headphones but not the best, in the pricerange, for my needs.


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