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A Review On: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

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Pros: Fun, exciting, punchy headphones

Cons: Occasional sibilance at high volume


Featuring a simple design, which what looks to be only a few parts, each part is made out of high quality rigid materials that together feel as though these headphones will last a very long time. The headband strap is plether and attached by wrapping around the band and connecting with button clips. The band itself is a very flexible steel substance and offers good tension. I suppose if some find the clamping too tight, it could simply be stretched to reduce pressure.



With each headphone enclosure being mostly plastic, and the band being quite a thin and light substance, the overall weight of these headphones is fairly negligible considering they are very much a full sized circumaural headphone. I do find after a while my neck tends to lightly cramp, though I suppose this depends per person. Ear cups are not valour but are still very soft and comfortable. I find occasionally they can become a bit itchy (especially with facial hair or in hot climates) but in almost every case this isn't noticeable. The headphone cable is on the left earcup and is not removable, which can be frustrating depending on the placement of your amplifier or source.



I would say the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO offers a fairly dark sound with an incredible bass response. Each bass note booms giving somewhat an emphasised sound, though not over the top, but it could be a loose for some tastes. I find the sound is fantastic when paired with electronic, rock, hip-hop, or otherwise powerful or loud music. Unfortunately, depending on the type of sound, often highs will appear insignificant in their representation, and occasionally sibilance is noticed over the smooth sounding bass. Though, considering their price, I would say these are a fantastic entry-level audiophile headphone - they are built and designed for home use, sound fantastic when amplified, and offer a special sound at an affordable price.


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