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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones Reviews


Excellent pair of headphones


Pros: Great tonal balance, imaging and isolation

Cons: Inefficient, slight bass emphasis, very long break-in required

Directly compared: Sony MDR-7509HD (my last headphones) Sure SRH840 Sennheiser HD380 Pro Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro-80 Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro - Show quoted text -   Tonal accuracy is very good. I am using as a reference my home theater with Sunfire XT ribbon hybrids and Bag End professional mastering subwoofers. The all important mid-high region is spot on. Bass is slightly emphasized, true, but the degree is exaggerated IMO.   Transients are very good, bordering on excellent.   Imaging is very good, bordering on excellent. Bettered by semi-open and open headphones, but they have their own drawbacks.   Comfort is very good - one can adjust the spring...
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first hate, second love. HD598 swapover.


Pros: Some isolation, bass amazing, comforttable even in long sessions.

Cons: Headband a little tight, took a while to adjust to the sound.

Warning. Not your avaerage audio geek review. Just Joe Smith sort of review. PC sound card drive only. Limited experience with many headphones. But I know what I like.    Well after some happy years with the SEN HD598 and being so comfortable with their use and their sound why would one change?  Well SHE is more and more in the PC room, more and more complaining about the sound leakage and for my part isolation was zero!  However the natural sound is unbeatable in my opinion so what are the options? So I was looking around for a closed over ear headphones to supplement the Sen's. Choice then decision.    The Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm arrived and it was...
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The Monkey

Thump Thump Thump


Pros: Fun Bass

Cons: Mids? What mids?

A bass lover's phone for sure.  Can be fun with the right music.  But the bass is of the one-note "whump" variety and that gets boring.  Still, can be good with rock.  I've noticed some pretty sucked out mids, though, so vocals suffer.  And for a bass-head phone, the highs can get pretty brittle.  Not at all a balanced presentation, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun.  Everyone should give these a try.  And they're built like a tank.

My First Pair of Quality Headphones


Pros: Bass, durability, comfort

Cons: Rattling/distorting drivers

These headphones are my first pair of high-end (probably mid-fi to some) cans and after a year or two of use, I have mixed feelings about them. When I first got them, of course they were a HUGE step up and I loved the bass from them, they were the perfect headphones to me. I was hearing sounds I had never heard before in music, hearing imperfections and low-quality sounds as well. However, one thing I've learned on this site and in time with various equipment, terms like "quality" are largely based upon a users' prior experience with other products. I went from some really terrible $20 and $30 over the ear headphones that were just "ok". The jump to these cans was tremendous.   However,...
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Great bang for the buck cans


Pros: closed circumaural design, 80ohm design allows use on portables in a pinch, very comfortable

Cons: Eardrum-piercing sibilance prior to break in completion, break in is quite long

I'll preface my review with that I am not a seasoned audiophile, so I don't know all of the jargon, but I do appreciate good sound, and I like what I hear in these.   They are by far the best sounding headphones I have ever listened to.   Granted my collection of headphones is very limited.   I was looking for a closed circumaural design, primarily because I find circumaural cans to be the most comfortable, and I like the isolating effect of closed designs (less sound out to annoy others, less noise in to annoy me). These headphones work very well in that regard.  I have occasionally even flown with them. Who needs active noise canceling, when these work...
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Pros: Sound quality, Isolation, Soundstage, comfort

Cons: Siblance, floppy bass

I purchased this headphone after I returned the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II. I was not satisfied with the soundstage of the sennheiser, plus after an hour of wearing them my ears started to feel bruised.   The DT770 Pro does not have these downsides, the only downside is the siblance. In a song with a lot of S's or maybe hard t's the headphone starts to whistle. If the volume is cranked up it the whistle actually hurts my ears. Strangely enough this is not the case with all songs that have a lot of s's. Maybe it is not al the fault of the headphones, maybe the vocals are badly recorded, the singer could have used to much ssssss or the song wasn't mastered right. I have a pair...
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What a headphone should be!


Pros: Bass quantity and range, comfort for extended listening, easy to drive

Cons: Recessed mids mean it's not the best choice for some. Earpads lose their shape after time.

The DT770 is a lower priced model of the Beyer line, but it is a boiled down version of the Beyer sound and one of the best values in closed headphones. While known for excellent bass response generally, you will also find them one of the most comfortable in the price range. The ear cups aren't as nice as the DT990 velour pads but they are comfortable. They do get sort of hot after wearing them for a long time. One other great thing about these headphones is how easy they are to drive. They drive well on every mobile mp3 player I tried as well as straight out of a sound card. For hip-hop, electronic, or movies I think this is one of the best headphones you can get for the price.  ...
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Great Headphone that worked Great with my lycan


Pros: Detailed,Closed back, Clear,Sound really nice

Cons: Ear pads can be uncomfortable depending on the size of your ears,Headband pad can get uncomfortable.

                      Beyer dynamic DT770 pro Review                                                             The Beyer dynamic DT770 pro-80 ohm headphones is one out of the three DT770 model’s with a low ohm..  A simple sound card like an Asus Xonar DG/X or a sound blaster Z with their...
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Premium Comfort, sound and feel - however not ideal for a mobile lifestyle


Pros: Great sound stage, great bass with EQ, sturdy build quality

Cons: Cumbersome to travel with, not compact, cable isn't detachable,

I made a video review of the dt770 80ohm  quite sometime ago and was finally finished it. I got them on sale at Guitar Center for $179.99 , the deal was better than anywhere on the web so I jumped on it. When I auditioned them in-store, I was quite impressed.  I'm not much of an over the ear headphone person, but these were comfortable and sounded amazing.   For most of my listening life I've used only in-ear headphones because I live a very active and mobile lifestyle.     As I began to use them more and more I noticed that they weren't providing me the "umph" I was looking for in certain kinds of music.  I also ran into so me issues with sibilance...
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Great Headphones, requires quite a long time to break in, somewhere between the Audio Technica ATH-M50x and Shure SRH840


Pros: very very comfortable. Sound is deep, so deep that you start to hear the imperfections in the song, causing siblance.

Cons: Cord is not detachable, and it's too long, requiring tie to keep it under control. Sound is bass emphasis without amp, with amp, it's a pleasure.

1.) Using this on a portable device: IPhone 5s/6/Ipad/Android Phone:         The portable devices are able to make the DT 770 Pro work, but the result is an emphasis on bass, and the volume is only enough to listen to in a normal environment.  If you're trying to drown outside sounds, you really need an amp.  The high trebles are also not very pronounced with an amp. (Siblance did not occur with portable devices)  So overall use for a portable device is not really recommended.  You'll probably get a better sound and experience from the standard IPhone 5-6 earbuds.    2.) Using this with amp.  I tested with my Yamaha...
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