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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Reviews

Positive Reviews

Zero Decibels

Not For Vocal Lovers


Pros: CUSTOMIZABLE SOUND, Comfort, Sound Quality

Cons: Not portable AT ALL, Ears get hot, Almost no accessories, Vocals VERY reccessed

TL;DR: Don't be lazy and read it all   Hey guys, Zero Decibels here with a review of the Beyer COPs, I got these for about 158$ from a local store. As usual, I'll be judging these from 4 aspects; Design, Build Quality, Comfort, Sound Quality   Design (4/5) Nice design, especially with all the customizable stuff. Has potential to be the most colourful headphones if done right. Then why does it only has 4/5? Because these things are HUGEEEEEE! These are so big that you'll look dumb just wearing them. Combine that with the fact that these doesn't fold flat or inwards makes these cans have 0 portability. Which is weird, considering these are supposed to be portable.  ...
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Compromised but FUN!


Pros: Very versatile, top notch SQ

Cons: Comfort, Ergonomics, Aesthetics

I'm relatively new to the scene and my wallet's already hurting! I've read posts on here for months so I think it's finally time I contribute something. This will be my first review, so let me know what you all think :)   I'm going to write this review assuming you've read the less detailed "overview" reviews and that you're familiar with the ins and outs of the product/packaging, etc. These cans have burned in thus far playing a random mix on iTunes for 48 hours straight. I will try to update this after a few months once these have over 200+ hours of burn in time.   My taste in music Fairly diverse! Currently jamming to the Above and Beyond...
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Custom One Pro vs DT 770/80


Pros: Very Portable, Comfortable, Great Value

Cons: Bloated Bass, Forced highs

              Clearly I'm not a pro at this but here goes something...    After not feeling 100% satisfied with my T 70's I wanted a little more Umph in the bottom end so I found great deals on the DT 770/80 ($149 new eBay- Contact me if you want the link they have more plus a 60 day return policy... Yes 60 days no questions asked) and the COP ($189 Amazon-Currently you can get them for $162). I'm still not finished with the testing but so far I do agree with what some have said so far. The DT770/80's have a much crisper sound than the Custom One Pro's but thats not a knock against the COP which I like but it is...
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Negative Reviews


Man was I ever disappointed with a headphone.


Pros: detail. minimal leakage, soundstage

Cons: hollow, bass sucks, looks sturdy but not. could keep going

I need to try and be fair with these headphones. but its hard with such a disappointing experience.   Pros: pretty detailed minimal leakage! bass adjustment is not a gimmick bass quantity       Cons: hollow sound mids recessed  bass is loose with no real presence pads feel uncomfortable(easy fix) distorts at high volumes   Summary: I could get by if the bass was present and sounded a little hollow because it would fill up the sound a little. But I have heard other Beyers and recorded with the dt 770 and cant remember the bass being that flabby. Flabby bass plus V shaped hollow sound and harsh sibilance=wack. Its like its there but it's not...
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Pros: comfortable, easy listening, headset option

Cons: Lack of tightness and fine details

Pros: - Comfort (well built and padded with light weight) - Effortless listen (good for background music and forgiving with bad recordings) - Over the average soundstage (compared to other closed backs) - Headset option for gamers   Cons: - Lack of tightness and fine details (dull for my ears) - Overpriced if you look at the SQ only

Slightly dull, lack warmth and excitement.


Pros: cant think of any

Cons: uncomfortable

Dont get why people are so excited about the ability to change the bass with the switches on the cups...for one you have to do it to both ears and they are very hard to move. if you have an amp/dac controling the bass that way is a better option for your headphone. These things totally dug in to my jaw.....put pressure on the eustachian tubes. The bass is totally untextured and sterile. Yes the bass is prominant but not in an enjoyable way. There was no sound stage or distinction. Sure, they are affordable but they'll damage your ears for sure. 

More Reviews


An uneven but interesting headphone, which needs a long burn in to get the best from them


Pros: Decent sound (improved with velour pads), Ok bass (when set between 2-3)

Cons: Very long burn in time, Not portable, didn't like pleather pads, mids slightly to recressed,

From what I have read the COP's there has been a very mixed reaction to the headphones, some love them and some detest them.  I have had these headphones for around two year.  So here are my impressions and views. I am not going to get into the unboxing of these headphones, the packaging is ok but nothing special.  Really you don't get much with these headphone in the box.  Just an instruction manual, 3.5mm detachable cable and an allen key.  There are lots of other attachments that you can buy separately with more being released. Design and Practicality The look of the COP's is meant to be one of the headphones selling points and they do have a distinctive...
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Damn Awesome


Pros: Quality in this prize category is awesome, Good for bassists if they need to hear a faint bassline, Extremely durable headband.

Cons: The original pads hurt and make ears sweat, Their original cable was very weak.

I personally thought these were a lame purchase after i had bought 'em. About a week later i just left my apartment and left them shouting out opeth and other metal with the bass in 4/4 position and the volume in 60% for the whole 48 hour weekend and immediately i could hear the bass even in the bass poorest position.   I mainly listen to prog rock, metal. For those genres these have proven optimal but classical has a certain deepness in it too. In fact after giving these a good 50 hours (or more) of bloodbath was a good thing to do. Now even 2/4 of the bass sounds too much. These are pretty perfect headphones in this prize category (at least for non-classical enthusiasts) and...
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Good not Great


Pros: Heavy duty construction, adjustable bass ports, stealthy looks, decent sound

Cons: Clamp, price

Out of the box, these guys are impressive. Killer looks, minimal packaging, obvious sturdy construction - in other words, German.    The sound was very good. They're easier to drive than most Beyer over-ears and they have a very good sound. I wouldn't say great. Coming out of my iPod Classic, the wider-than-average soundstage provided some excellent space for my live rock recordings. The bass was solid and got even better with my Fiio E5 - I imagine a heftier amp would do even better. The mids are so-so, not recessed in my ears but definitely not forward. The trebles were lacking, but they probably aren't supposed to be audiophile quality for the market these are targeted...
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Contemporaly headphones from venerable German maker


Pros: Customizable appearance, customizable sound, great bass

Cons: slightly recessed mids, not bright highs as their DT990PRO

Great headphones for lovers of rock and dance music, especially contemporary recording ones which contain lot of around-40Hz bass sound. One of the most bass-headed cans among all beyers. Easily worth the current price 199USD, but this is not for fans of flat cans lovers, treble lovers. My Custom One Pro photos: http://www.head-fi.org/g/a/699313/custom-one-pro/null DIYed carbon pattern covers: http://www.head-fi.org/g/a/699340/diy-covers-for-custom-one-pro/null
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