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Man was I ever disappointed with a headphone.

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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Black

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Pros: detail. minimal leakage, soundstage

Cons: hollow, bass sucks, looks sturdy but not. could keep going

I need to try and be fair with these headphones. but its hard with such a disappointing experience.



pretty detailed

minimal leakage!

bass adjustment is not a gimmick

bass quantity





hollow sound

mids recessed 

bass is loose with no real presence

easily damaged with high volumes due to the thin membrane

pads feel uncomfortable(easy fix)

distorts at high volumes



I could get by if the bass was present and sounded a little hollow because it would fill up the sound a little. But I have heard other Beyers and recorded with the dt 770 and cant remember the bass being that flabby. Flabby bass plus V shaped hollow sound and harsh sibilance=wack. Its like its there but it's not ...so weird. I have never heard a headphone do that. The four positions are cool to have and a great thing to have but for me I would much rather prefer one that didnt have it and just did it right to begin with. Position 1 is absolutely useless, sounding so thin and horrible that you can't even understand who would use it. They should have left it at three and made it more present. 4 is loud but Its hard to explain a bass that is loud but not really there. Its like some thing is missing. 


At loud volumes they rattle and do all sorts of weird things. These definitely are not made for the modern <35 listener and can't even imagine them for someone over 35 because they are so sibilant and hurt my youthful ears. I blast my ears btw with other cans and love loud music (prob shouldn't) but when plugged into my my late version iMac they hurt my ears. I have never heard headphones do this. This may sound stupid and trust me I am no beats advocate but I would actually recommend those over these. You would lose detail but these hurt my ears more than those for some reason. I would never buy either and hate even mentioning Beats. But wow what a disappointment. I lost my hdj2000 headphones and was hoping to get something to reach lower. But the hdj 2000 blow these away, though the COPS do reach a little lower. But its like it reached down into the well of bass and grabbed mud instead of water.


I will say that If you listen at average volumes you will find clarity but the sound too hollow. 


I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE. i was so excited to finally get the headphones that I read reviews about specifically headphonia. But wow do these things blow. 


You can say I have a faulty pair and they need break in. 


Well first of all break in never changes the over all first impression of the sound of the headphones by a whole lot. So in general you may get improvements but its not like hearing a whole new headphone and the gripes are far to deep to imaging these being able to pull above them with burn in. 


I think beyer  has good quality control. So I imagine the super thin membrane to be a flaw though its an assumption. Why build something so delicate for the commercial consumer IDK?


EDIT: I wrote this as a total newbie and still am but have learned a bit more. Maybe my tastes have changed but I do remember these headphones being really bad. The airy detailed sound may suit some but these lack the fullness and body that make it an engaging listen. It was the worst let down ever in my headphone experiences.


Beyers QC is actually a bit off.
Did…did you just use the phrase "youthful ears"? Also, the DT line is super sibilant compared to these. The COP has no sibilance to speak of. What sort of volume must you be listening to that it starts to distort? At the level you should be more concerned about your hearing not the supposedly too thin membrane.
I completely agree with this review.  I too, was very excited about these headphones - purchased at $169.99, and I have been a big fan of mechanical items made in Germany.  Upon opening the packaging, physically the headphones are of rugged, very good quality.  They look great, they feel great, very comfortable on head.  Looked great on girlfriend, so I really wanted to keep them...

But then I tried them myself, was extremely disappointed with the sound which reminded me more of my Plantronics Gamecon 780's (Great deal for $50 to $60 bucks), and not close to my Ultimate Ears super FI Pro 5's.  Seeing as the sound was similar to a headset I paid $50 to $60 bucks for, I just couldn't justify them to myself.  The bass was OK, but high frequency sounds, was not good.

Therefore, I returned them and bought some Westone 2 Dual-driver's @ $179.99 on sale at Amazon.
@ Massive. I am sensitive to high freguencies.... I wrote this when I had less experience with headphones but I totally stand by my opinion in this review. My writing style has changed so youthful ears may not have been said.
If you play music at high volumes for a little bit of time you are okay.
These headphones cannot take high volumes without distorting very quickly like others i.e. germans maestros, momentums, .... toooo many to name. And it has a TON of sibilance to speak of. In my lack of experience I possibly could have been turning the volume up to hear the bass more but these suck!!! period point blank.
These and the he-400's have hurt my ears more than any other headphone. The mids suck and they don't even have the right to be mentioned in the same sentence as the he-400 which are excellent besides the sibilance issues. 
Uh... you REALLY need to take your listening down dude. If the HE-400 sounded too sibilant you are listening WAY too loud. 
I just hope nobody will make buying decisions based on your review.
that was like my second or third pair, 20+ pairs later I still hold the opinion but would have expressed it differently and this doesn't really constitute as a review. I understand. I added a half of a star back to it for fairness. 
Also the he400 (you can check my profile) of all the hp's I have owned have been the most painful to listen to for me. bought them 2 times and still hold that opinion.
You guys do know you have to burn them in for a super long time. It seems like you guys didnt. 
burn in never makes a headphone sound full in any significant amount. I have experienced it help transparency and timbres and bass etc but this headphone is too extreme in its flaws for burn in to be an opinion changing factor.
This was a while ago So I would give them another try but wont spend my money on it.
They take an awful long time to burn in, but after just 4 months mine broke. Second pair, 5 months and they broke. Same thing both times - rattling from the left ear when there's any sign of bass. Shame, because I love the sound of them.
i think that was the biggest turn off was the bass
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