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Slightly dull, lack warmth and excitement.

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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Black

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Pros: cant think of any

Cons: uncomfortable

Dont get why people are so excited about the ability to change the bass with the switches on the cups...for one you have to do it to both ears and they are very hard to move. if you have an amp/dac controling the bass that way is a better option for your headphone. These things totally dug in to my jaw.....put pressure on the eustachian tubes. The bass is totally untextured and sterile. Yes the bass is prominant but not in an enjoyable way. There was no sound stage or distinction. Sure, they are affordable but they'll damage your ears for sure. 


I can understand everything but, uncomfortable? really?
I thought the bass was very textured.
Soundstage was excellent.
Very comfortable.
The headphones can clamp down and did couse problems to begin with but you I found stretching out the headband the feel improved a lot. I also changed the pads, which improved comfort. As the for soundstage it takes a long, long time to open up.
You've never felt uncomfortable until you try the M100 or the Momentum. Clamping pressure can be adjusted, don't be such sissy with your Fallopian tubes. I mean Eustachian tubes. K550s have sterile bass. The COP has a full bodied, luscious bass.
@massiveturbolag go and get yourself some real Sony mdr 7520/kef m500/he 400/ lcd2/yamaha hph mt220 bass and then get yourself some good open backs and come back to these pieces of crap. You won't regret it. Sure chuck roast is edible but get you some prime rib you deserve it ; )

I know you want to defend these because you like them but you are totally out of line with no clue if you say it has full bodied solid anything.
You are not exactly in the ballpark price wise with those headphones you mentioned. Besides, I had the Momentum and after reading all the "respect" they received I wasn't feeling the love. Selling on-ears as circumaurals is misleading to say the least. I guess some of us just love gnawing on chuck more than prime.
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