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A Review On: Beyer Dynamic DTX 80 SW Premium in Ear Buds (Black)

Beyer Dynamic DTX 80 SW Premium in Ear Buds (Black)

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Pros: Clear bass, Strong mids, Comfort,

Cons: High prone to harshness,

Beyerdynamic's dtx80 is a dynamic driver iem. It has a bass focussed sound which unlike the dtx60 I like. Bass heads may find less than, for example, Sennheiser's cx***, but the doesn't need to take over the music when it provides a nice mattress for the rest of the layers to lean on. I don't enjoy massive bass but these are fun to listen to! With those solid underpinnings the mids sound strong and realistically take centre stage. As the frequencies get higher the dtx80's do get a bit more dependent on source and are prone to be occasionally harsh. this effect isn't nearly as bad as the 60's though and isn't noticeable most of the time.


These earphones, like the others in the range are very subtly designed. They don't look like $100 earphones and while that could be a good thing in many ways it means they feel cheap and don't inspire a lot of confidence, even if they haven't yet fallen apart. Comfort is very good and I was quickly able to get a good seal with the stock tips. They cannot be worn over the ear but microphonics with them on a shirt clip are very slight.


Depending on sound preference these could suit anyone with a budget just under $100. There are some serious contenders at the price but these hold up well.


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