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A Review On: BEYER DYNAMIC DT231 Pro Stereo Studio Headphones

BEYER DYNAMIC DT231 Pro Stereo Studio Headphones

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Pros: Good soundstaging, decent bass, comfortable to use, replaceable pads, price

Cons: Thin cable

Closed back design with good sound quality with little listener fatigue during long sessions. Spare pads are available

and I've found it's a good idea to have a spare set and rotate them periodically.


The cable is a straight, thin affair which enters through the left earpad. The earpads are removable via 3 small crosshead

screws so a DIY upgrade might be to replace the straight cable with a coiled cable to prevent accidental tugging by standing

on it. It's an easy enough soldering job.


Overall, a very good product at a decent price.


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