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Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Premium 600 OHM Headphones Reviews


In The List Of The Greatest Dynamics.


Pros: HiFi - Grain Free Treble, Under-Priced, Agreeable Design.

Cons: Hand Assembly Tolerances.

Beyerdynamic. A company that really "Invents" and "Innovates" unlike the other crap you see today that people here go mad for. I won't take any names because you see, people here are sensitive. Anyway, to the point. The DT990 is one of the oldest Dynamics still in production. The Legend had to retire.     If we know our history, which many here don't know. Beyerdynamic didn't believe in Electrostatic Headphones. They did make a ET1000 due to demand but that was a very brief run. From 1937 Eugen Beyer was very keen on making Dynamics sound the best, of course there were no E-Stats in 1937 but the aim continued and I hope will be continued for years to come. I think DT...
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Beyer's "other" headphones


Pros: stunning bass response, fabulous soundstage

Cons: somewhat recessed mids, slightly aggressive treble

Beyerdynamic's headphones, in order of popularity, probably goes something like this:  T1, DT880/600 ohm, and maybe then DT990/600 ohm.  Heck, some would put DT48, T50p, or others ahead of the DT990...   So the DT990 is somewhat under-appreciated.  However, a recent surge of interest at Head-Fi, possibly the result of outstanding prices at several vendors, led me to purchase these.  And boy am I ever glad I did.   So, this is my first review of any product at Head-Fi, and what better headphones to review for me than the DT990? Of all the cans i own or have owned, these are my most favorite.  I find myself listening to them more than any other headphones in my stable (that...
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Headphones with engaging treble and wide soundstage that could work really well for some people


Pros: Prominent and detailed highs, very engaging, extremely comfortable, very open with wide soundstage and a fast-paced bass

Cons: Harsh treble (to some ears), slightly recessed mids, and rustling drivers when combined with heavy bass tracks on high volume

I picked up the Beyerdynamics as my second real hi-fi phones to replace my Sennheisers HD598 in order to get something bassy, yet with an open construction. While they were a huge improvement to my previous phones, they did not reach my expectation in the bass department, and I will explain why later on.       Treble: First off I should mention the initial sound signature of these headphones. They're very bright! You might have read about its treble, and it is true, they are truly trebly phones. But the treble is not at all what some people exaggerate it to be. Yes, the treble is noticable, and is perhaps the first thing that will strike you when you first...
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Beyer's little gem


Pros: Well constructed, Extremely comfortable, suplendous bass reponse system, Open, Airy, High end quality

Cons: Slightly recessed mid-range, doesn't make my breakfast.

Well...well...well...,  what can i say about the legendary  beyerdynamic)))) DT990/600; that i bought from B&H a few months ago? How about... simply remarkable for the price/performance ratio. The  journey actually begins with my firstly acquired audiophile headphone(which was also a Beyerdynamic) but it was the variant DT880/250ohm model.  I thought the 880's were superb,detailed, and crisp all-rounders,but my experience with them for the first 2 months(before purchasing the 990's shortly after) was that they were some-what lacking in the bass department, the musicality and the authoritative oomh seemed nowhere to be found. The DT990 fix all that + give a much more in-depth...
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Revenge of the Smile Curve


Pros: Soundstaging and Comfort

Cons: Sound signature is not for everyone.

First off, these aren't nearly as hard to drive as you'd assume from their impedance.  I was able to get decent volume out of everything I connected it to form a proper desktop amp, to straight out of the onboard sound from my netbook.  They are of course, not being driven properly from something without an adequate voltage swing, but neither are they useless without a beefy amp.   On to the meat of the review. "How do they sound," I hear you asking.  In one word, bright, or in two, very bright.  Their metaphorical albedo is off the charts.  The highs are quite pronounced, but in a very smooth and simultaneously crisp manner. Hardly peaky at all, without transient spikes leaving you...
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Intro to open cans


Pros: Amazing soundstage and handling of pans and treble

Cons: The low end while surprisingly strong for a open can is "all around you" and a tad reserved rather than impactful and strong.

I have a feeling these are pretty amazing headphones, but they tell me the open design isn't for me, or at least not in that form (denons).
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