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A Review On: Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Premium 32 OHM Headphones

Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Premium 32 OHM Headphones

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Pros: Bass is Effortless & Precise, Sexy Mids and Airy Soundstage, Silvery Treble, Holistic Build Quality

Cons: Nicer Treble is reachable but masochistic!, Leak, Huge so not for mobility everywhere, Not as scalable

The bath that's so comfortable you can't get out!


Antithesis of the modern mud wallowing epidemic, Beyer's 990 Premiums are classy yet unpretentious cans that carry their signature family-owned refinement.


The standout points are the vibrantly coloured Mids that give vocalists the spotlight they deserve! Doing justice to vocalists is just good manners ^.^ and the Beyers do it with quiet class.


Rising to the challenge, the Bass is also notable in having next to zero muddiness and an effortless style that's never harsh or pushy - might be something to do with the woofing coming from the signature massive velours!


The treble is well, nice and clean with the precision you'd expect from any high end, however there's nothing special about it besides it's consistency and lack of sibilance in it's range.


The tuning is all part of the master plan of course, as the Beyer's reliably intert individual talents synergize with the open-backed and light-weight diaphragm to produce a sound stage that is both deep and believable.


Overall these are some infinitely docile headphones which have rich Bass that's practically a massage, a Mid that can ship a voice no matter how big! and a glittery Treble that's never so bright it'll tire you out.



- Needs a minimum of amp if you want to replay gain

1 Comment:

Thanks for the great review. I have the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro which go great with most music and definitely games but i find the treble slightly lacking at times compared to my other headphones like the Audio Technica Ath AD700 and Koss Pro-4AA. So hearing that the DT 990 are treble delicious might just make me buy them instead of the Sennheiser HD 600 am researching which some say has that veiled Sennheiser sound. I was hoping the treble would stand out more like in their HD 280 Pro and HD 202 models which i play from my Onkyo TX-8555.