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A Review On: Beyer Dynamic DT 880 Premium 600 OHM Headphones

Beyer Dynamic DT 880 Premium 600 OHM Headphones

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Pros: Detailed, clean treble, awesome mids, wide soundstage, made in Germany!!

Cons: No detachable cable, looks ugly, bass could have more impact.

Setup: 320Kbps > ODAC > Maverick Audio Tubemagic A1 > DT880


Headphones i own or have previously owned: AKG K701 (sold), ATH-M50, Shure SE215.


Let me start off by saying: Female vocals are STUNING!


Build Quality:

These are made in Germany, by hand, by real German people. Build quality is top notch. The whole headphone is made of metals except maybe the part near the drivers. These will take a beating.



I wasn't lying when i said these are perfect. The earpads are so soft, it feels as if pillows are on my cheeks. These are very, very comfy and i can wear them for hours. They do kind of get warm so i have to take them off every half an our for about 4 seconds then put them back on.



Could be better. This is a very ugly pair of headphones. Don't believe me? If you have them, go take a look in the mirror while you're wearing them.




Bass: The bass is tight, extends all the way down there, and is textured. Sometimes i feel as if it lacks impact though, not a dealbreaker, but something to note.


Midrange: The midrange is brilliant, especially when you pair them up with a tube amp. Mids are very detailed, they are not recessed in any way. I'd call them neutral. Guitars and stringed instruments sound brilliant.



Cleanest treble i have ever heard in my life, even though i haven't heard much high-end headphones. The treble is clean, unfatiguing, and has a LOT of detail. This is one of the DT880's best characteristics. I don't think I'm going to hear better treble, ever.


Soundstage: Soundstage is wide and open, imaging could be better though. There's plenty of room for detail and i never had a feeling that the sound is stuck in my head, instead it feels like im in the middle of a concert.


Overall, this is an awesome pair of cans that i would highly recommend. This headphone is basically everything I wished my previous K701's (which i sold btw) were. Anyway, thanks for reading my review.


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