My hearing just got better or what?

A Review On: Beyer Dynamic DT 880 Premium 600 OHM Headphones

Beyer Dynamic DT 880 Premium 600 OHM Headphones

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Pros: Really good SQ. Awesome soundstage. The highs are very good and not harsh at all for me. Build quality is great. Great for all genres.

Cons: Don't hear low bitrate mp3's with this headphones. Some may find their bass lacking, But I think it's spot-on and goes really low.

Besides what I could write in the Pros and Cons,

This headphones are the most comfortable I've used, I can sit with them a whole day and my ears doesn't even sweat, you might even forget you have them on.

Another thing is that personally I find thier design to be very beautiful.

I'm really enjoying this cans and I think they are worth what you pay dt880smile.png (Also have thier own icon which is another pro).


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