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Beyer Dynamic DT 880 Premium 600 OHM Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Delicious, Sparkly Goodness


Pros: Airy unfatiguing treble, epic sound stage, brilliant mids, extensive and textured bass. VERY comfortable. Worth way more than what you pay.

Cons: Non-detachable cable? Can't think of much.

I'm just gonna start off by saying I love this headphone. It has dominated my head time since I got it. My HD650 gets no love anymore. They are just incredible. They're easily worth $400 in my opinion.   My first serious headphone buy (HD280 5 years ago not included), I got the 250ohm version and used it with an E17 for a month; I ended up returning them to Amazon due to getting the HD600 and HE-400, both of which I ended up selling and returning as well. I couldn't justify 2 pairs, let alone 3. I got the HD650 and it changed everything. I ended up selling/returning everything. Once I got the Lyr and Bifrost, it changed everything. So that leads us to early December 2012... ...
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Negative Reviews


Not flat


Pros: good bass, detailed

Cons: bright, harsh, sibilant

This headphone is quite V-shaped, I never quite understood why it stood evenly with the K701 and HD650. I dislike the HD650 but that didn't prevent me from giving me it a bad review, because it's quite impressive. Now this, no matter how I try to listen to this. It's too bright and sibilant. Even its siblings, the DT770 and DT990 gave me problems. The bass was the only thing that was enjoyable, it extends very deep and is good for a dynamic headphone. When listening to acoustic music it's harsh, but rock and such is less harsh as the bass somewhat masks the highs a bit. I could see this being nice for rock. But the detailing is not good as the K701 or HD650 or HD600. Even with...
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More Reviews


Awesome Reference Headphone

Hi all, Zombie_X here with another review! This won't be as in depth as the T1's review but I will give you all the needed info.  The Beyerdynamic DT880 sound can be classified as being treble oriented with slightly recessed mids (will get tot hat later) and having slow or muddy bass (will get to that as well).  ___________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________  GEAR USED:  - Source: PC via Pop-Pulse SPDIF-II (to Optical), Marantz VC6001 CD Player  - Amp: Woo Audio WA3+, Audio-GD ROC  - DAC: Music Hall DAC25.2 (with NOS Mullard E88CC tube)  - IC's : ZXAC custom...
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Airy Detail Monster


Pros: Crisp detail, Superb Soundstage, Perfect comfort, Great Build

Cons: Realistically nothing to mention

I just finished writing this for my blog, but here is the full review...     It's been a while since I reviewed some headphones - to long in fact. If you followed the 'USB DAC/amp' project - I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it, but for now that's on pause while I return to headphones. Bring on the DT880 Premium - 600ohm, Beyerdynamic's UK distributor (POLARaudio) are providing me with some of their new catalogue to play with soon, but for now here is a little gem that I recently purchased.  Rewind fourteen years and I was spending my own money on headphones for the first time. It was my first year at university, I had...
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Comfortable, attractive headphones that sound outstanding


Pros: Accurate, comfortable, attractive, airy - with a surprising richness

Cons: Non-detachable cable, requires an amp

There are two ways to listen to a DT880 - without an amp, or with one.   Without an amp, the DT880 at 600 Ohms is pure and clean, and you're going to capture surprising highs backed with tasteful lows. The DT880 has never been a bass-monster; this headphone is not well suited for bass-heavy music like dub, hip-hop, and reggae. However, unamped, this headphone will satisfy only part of the time. Tunes that have louder volume will sound full and satisfying; laid-back tunes may seem that they need a little more punch. And volume means a lot for many tracks.   Amped, the situation changes entirely. (By "amped," I mean it's connected to either good-sounding computer, or a...
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A perfect, magical headphone for me!


Pros: Detailed, clean treble, awesome mids, wide soundstage, made in Germany!!

Cons: No detachable cable, looks ugly, bass could have more impact.

Setup: 320Kbps > ODAC > Maverick Audio Tubemagic A1 > DT880   Headphones i own or have previously owned: AKG K701 (sold), ATH-M50, Shure SE215.   Let me start off by saying: Female vocals are STUNING!   Build Quality: These are made in Germany, by hand, by real German people. Build quality is top notch. The whole headphone is made of metals except maybe the part near the drivers. These will take a beating.   Comfort: I wasn't lying when i said these are perfect. The earpads are so soft, it feels as if pillows are on my cheeks. These are very, very comfy and i can wear them for hours. They do kind of get warm so i have to take them off...
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5 Stars.

Greetings, this is a very brief review of the DT880 Premium 600 Ohms.    First of all, let me start by saying that these cans are the most comfortable pair I have ever experienced so far. The clamping is very soft and has light pressure on the head. Beyerdynamic cans have legendary comfort.   SQ wise, the DT880 is a great all rounder. Every part of the frequency response is perfect and not recessed in any way. It is very full sounding and I haven't have a thought that something might be missing. I find them neutral sounding with a good bass response and they offer astounding clarity. Oh and have I mentioned that they are smooth? Of all the tracks I...
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Excellent sonic imager


Pros: soundstage, focusing, clarity

Cons: less impact of bass

It takes no effort at all to "see" the virtual soundstage with DT880/600ohm.  The soundstage is deep and wide with pin-point-like focusing.  In the mean time, the integrity of the all frequency range is well maintained which results highly realistic and vivid embodiments of sonic sources.  It gives me a feast of sonic "motion picture" and brings me the unbeatable enjoyment (up to now).   One of my DT880/600 is recabled to balanced cabling.  Powered by Audio-GD's Phoenix and Ref-1, the transparency, details, and vast soundstage wowed me  for a long time.  I always thought that may be due to the balanced system.  Recently, I found that the SE DT880/600 with Decware CSP-2 may be...
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Not my cup of tea - but likely perfect for most people


Pros: High sensitivity for such impedance, extended bass, undistorted treble

Cons: Lacking frequency balance, V-shaped response (smiley face), soundstage too shallow & small

I was quite disappointed with my DT880. I thought they'd make for excellent christmas present, but I was really wrong. First thing I noticed is very pronounced treble. While it might be OK for listening, e.g. after burn-in and "you'll get used to it", that was not why I got the headphones! I bought them for music production and that treble peak would push me towards equalization the wrong way, which is simply unacceptable for reference headphones. Reference means something that is uniquely and objectively transparent, from which can one "reference" sound.  Mid-range is severely attenuated, I didn't hear much of it so can't comment on this. Bass, that's probably the strongest...
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I can see why it's considered a classic, but not quite what I'm after


Pros: Quality Bass, Neutral mids, Articulate and extended treble, Solid build quality, All day comfort, Serviceable, Fairly priced

Cons: Bass and treble quantities not optimal, Lack of warmth / Analytical, Earpad wearing, Headband adjustment very prone to wearing out

Build Quality and Design   Beyerdynamic headphones are often touted as being built like tanks, and I have to agree that they are very solid indeed, but not without their flaws. The main body of the DT880 is a combination of plastic and what I assume is aluminium. The grille and forks are very solid aluminium, with the latter having a subtle brush effect which adds a nice feeling of quality. The premium version which I have has some aluminium wings (also brushed) on the headband which I really like, and the "DT880" badge on the grille is another nice addition which justifies the 'premium' name. The remainder of the cups and headband assembly is a solid, dark grey plastic which gives...
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Extended, clear sound with a bit of an edge to the treble


Pros: Very close to neutral; deep bass (not the deepest)

Cons: Sometimes slightly sibilant, HD650 has more detail and speed with no sibilance at all (imo)

More than adequate sound considering the price I got them for (~$300). Clearer sound then the HD650, sounds like the DT has slightly deeper bass also. But I cannot help but feel like the HD650 are slightly faster in mids and highs and therefore have also more detail in these areas, even though the DT has more treble. Sometimes the treble sounds like it is too pronounced, but it is more than tolerable, often rather enjoyable. I prefer the HD650, but often listen to the DT880 to enjoy the enhanced sound clarity (more treble, less lower midrange/higher bass compared to the HD650). I like them. The sound just "makes sense".

Open Back Mi-Fi Perfection


Pros: Airy sound, delicate mids, speed, sense of openness, sound stage and layering. Timbre

Cons: no isolation, bright [I like bright cans but some don’t] lacks intimacy, bass for some may not be heavy enough

  Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 600ohm (With ZXAC Fully Balanced Recable) [$235 Used] Personal Back-Story   I recently re-purchased my Beyerydanmic Dt 880’s back! And this time I made the upgrade to the 600 ohm variant.  Pros: Airy sound, delicate mids, speed, sense of openness, sound stage and layering. Timbre Cons : no isolation,  bright [I like bright cans but some don’t] lacks intimacy, bass for some may not be heavy enough Build [5/5] Classic Beyerdynamic Build quality, although these are a tad more fragile than my pro series headphones, the adjustment device is located outside of the head band, as opposed to the pro series which feature the extension mechanism within the head band. In...
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