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Beats Tour 2.0 In-Ear Headphone (Black)

33% Positive Reviews
Rated #359 in Universal Fit


Pros: Good looking, pretty good sound-isolation

Cons: Everything else than the pros are cons, s till don't match the price.

This new version of tour is slightly better than the old ones. The bass part is less than the first version and I can tell Beats started to care about the sound quality. But still, everything else don't go very well on this earphone. It is still closed, make people dizzy. Still, I think we can get better sound quality earphones in this price other than Beats Tour. 


Pros: Built well, looks good, decent sound if you like hip hop or elctronic music, many accesories

Cons: only fitted for certain genres, powerfull bass, mettalic sounding treble

Build Quality

In this category I was very surprised, I've roughed these earphones up quite a bit; and I've even nearly stepped on them, but they still work. The cable is decently sized I wish that the cable was thicker like the previous version. But overall on build quality these are built pretty damn well.


In The Box

This product comes many accesories. They come with many ear tips so you could get the perfect fit for however size your ears are. They also come with "wings", their main purpose is basically have a better fit in your ear without having the earphones falling out. They fit quite snug when you're listening to music. I've always loved the way Beats audio packages their products, they always make you feel like you've bought a million dollar product. So for this section I would have to give a 10/10 for accesories.






Great, can't hear anything when i'm listening to music with these on.



Now this is where things slide a bit, I'm pretty sure that you all know the reputation that beats offer in their sound section in their products. The bass on these earphones are very impactfull, and agressive. Is it necessarily bad? No, if you listen to hip-hop or electronic music these will suit you quite well. Now the treble on this headphone is quite metallic sounding, and quite high pitched on high volumes. It gets to the point where your ear starts to hurt. So treble isn't the best. The mid frequencies on this headphone is "meh" alright, they're not very detailed, and dont really sparkle. Now is the sound on this earphone, no not necessarily. It really fits the person who listens to hip-hop or electronic music. But if you like instrumental music, then these aren't the earphones for you, like i said they aren't very detailed. So the sound on this product is decent.



For what your getting with this product, this doesn't really meet up to my expectations FOR VALUE. The earphones are decent but they're not worth the price.



Now do I reccomend this product? Well it really depends on what genre you listen to. But for me I wouldn't reccomend this since I feel like you could get better for the price you're paying for this product alone. There are definately better alternatives then beats out there on the market.


Pros: good microphone, smooth sound

Cons: everything else, comfort issues etc see video reviews

muffled pair of earphones, iem’s. you are only throwing your money way with these as you can get really excellent heaphones, earphones for same money. and not as if you can show off with theses, they are small, they are not headphones. no one notices you have beats earphones cause these are small, they are not headphones. only with headphones you can show off but not with earphones.

easier to get good sounding earphones. the only good thing about these is descent bass but it is exaggerated. the mids and highs are muffled, not even a good dac saves them. they are point blank period muffled pair of earphones.


to sum up the only reason i don't sell them is because they have a good microphone for phone.

here are two video reviews of the earphones. fist video is after using them for a while, the other two videos are the first videos when i got them.


Beats tour 2 review part 2



beats tour v2 earphones review



beats tour v2 part 2


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Beats Tour 2.0 In-Ear Headphone (Black)

Tours are compact , portable and made to handle music of all intensities and volumes. The improved speaker will provide an optimal sound experience.

FeatureFlat Tangle-free cable. That's why we've redesigned our cables to make sure they're ultra-flexible, flat and tangle-free. Improved design for better fit, delivered right to your eardrum. Replaceable ear tips and one pair of comfy foam tips included. New water resistant metal housing with 3 button control talk cable. Switch easily between songs and incoming calls.
TitleBeats Tour 2.0 In-Ear Headphone (Black)
Warranty1 year
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement900-00044-01
Item Height2.7 inches
Item Length5.5 inches
Item Width5.3 inches
Package Height2.7 inches
Package Length5.5 inches
Package Weight0.5 pounds
Package Width5.3 inches
PartNumberBT IN TR BLK
UPCList - UPCListElement848447003891
LegalDisclaimerI'm selling a barely used MINT condition black Beats Tour 2.0 Earphones. These are authentic Beats headphones ordered from their website. Product sold as is. No refunds.
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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