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Beats new Revolution

A Review On: Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone (Black) - NEW

Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone (Black) - NEW

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Pros: Beats Audio Finally has what we call Good sounding Headphone.

Cons: So far not much

I won't say much because I know you guys will laughing at me


When I say Beats headphone sounds good. LOL


So I brought some factual fr response measurement.


I compared new beats studio with Sony MDR-1R, Sennhieser, Momentum on ear, Momentum over ear and HD-25


Take a look. Red Color graph is Beats New Studio



Beats Studio 2 VS MDR-1R



Beats Studio2 VS Momentum On Ear



Beats Studio 2 VD Momentum Over Ear


Beats Studio 2 VS Sennhieser HD-25


As you can see They are quite compatible with those $200~$350 dollars headphones.


Let me show you THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of beats 


THD of Momentum Over Ear



Beats New Studio


Surprisingly Beats outperforms Momentum Over Ear by THD~


However since studio has active noise canceling tech, It cannot avoid some distortion.


However as you can see Beats New Studio outperforms some of audiophile headphones in its price range!! + noise canceling + Sturdy build.


We should respect Beats Audio's effort on it~! 


Sturdy build? It is still flimsy plastic
While Beats Audio trying to make good headphones is a good thing, claiming something subjective like X headphone out performs Y headphone purely based on FR is not going to cut it, sorry. Saying which headphone gets closer to the neutral target or whatever of course won't get any hate from anyone, but performances simply can't be summed up by frequency response alone.
First of all, the Studios from those graphs are shown to have large peaks in treble, where as most of the other cans compared have much less deviation. This can be viewed as a negative for plenty of people (based on various research we know that as a generalisation people tend to prefer a flat sound, although quite a number of people of course prefer other signatures such as bass emphasized).
Secondly, we can see a bass roll off typical of just about any headphone with ANC, again a negative for plenty of people.
The THD graphs don't really say anything about the superiority of the Beats either. At 0.5% as the highest amount of distortion, and with most of those distortion in the very low bass region, not a lot of people are going to hear them, plus the momentum has lower distortion in other ranges, including the ones humans are most sensitive to.
Frequency response is a useful tool for comparison sound signatures, but to use it as the end all for reviews is not ideal. Frequency response can't measure a lot of things, like soundstage, built quality, comfort and other important parts of a headphone.
Closingracer "Sturdy build? It is still flimsy plastic" OMG MDR -1R Built with Flimsy Plastic~LOL  
Parall3l// first Large peaks on treble = In terms of flat target of Dr. Harmman, MDR1R's peak and extension are lacking same as bass area. what you think natural is actually lack of treble according to DR.Harmman's flat target. How do people even listen beyerdynamic's headphone and say very natural? Most of their series has freakin huge peak on treble.
 Secondly Saying bass roll off. If you find this call bass roll off then, sony MDR-1R and HD600 are button less bass shy headphone in terms of bass extension. Do not ignore slope on the graph. 
Thirdly THD can show the ability of headphone's driver. Measure  
Sound stage, How tight the bass is. how fast the bass response, Dynamics etc. measurement can tell you more than you think. If you understand how to see impulse,Step response THD correctly, you can pretty much understand everything which you said that is nondiscrimination.
So have you compared it to the monster inspiration? How does it stack up? I'm considering this or the monster inspiration.
hd800op // In terms of sound quality, new studio has much more refined Bass Mid and High.
I do appreciate inspiration as out door OK sounding headphone. New studio, I have compared Beats new studio with my Amperior, B&o H6, and Momentum with my ear as well, I do find beats new studio has similar sound quality with them. I do recommend new studio if you are considering inspiration.
Lol there beats and Sony are flimsy but from what I listened of both the Sony has much better sound D quality then beats studios do but wouldn't buy either. I would tell anybody who wants great sounding headphones at the 300 dollar price range to get the Sennheiser momentums or the v-moda crossfade m-100.
Dude the new studio feels a lot better from what I've heard, and did you listen to the new studios?
A peak is a peak. It does not translate to flat, especially after compensation, like those graphs. I've not heard of a compensation method by Dr Harman himself, I assume this is referring to Dr Sean Olive's recent modified speaker in room curve. Using that curve instead of the diffuse field, which is what I assume is used, will not remove those peaks, and there are also subjective reports of the HD-25 peak, with similar responses in the treble compared to the Beats.
Here's the raw graph of the HD25, with Dr Olive's graph, which is quote "...essentially a tilted straight line with the bass end about 10dB above the treble end.", the peaks will still be around.
Second, a bass roll off is a bass roll off. It doesn't matter if another headphone have it. 
Again, you can't measure build quality, comfort and I highly doubt soundstage. There isn't even a value assigned to the measurement of soundstage, the best system we currently have is a few experienced guys making educated guesses. Plus I have never even heard of using THD measuring soundstage, unless you want to provide a citation for that. There are possible correlation between size of soundstage with other measurements such as square waves but you've only shown frequency response. Claiming other things can measure things I said frequency response can't measure is pointless.
You don't got no beats bro?
I have listened to the new Studios in BestBuy and RadioShack and wasn't impressed
It was better and a sound improvement over the monster made Studios but still not worth $300 of my hard earned money
Not so bad but.... not such a good one either.
They made it closer to "neutral" this time [according to the graph] but it's still not on par with the Momentum IMO. Upper mids are more recessed than the Momentum by quite a bit... Still wish to try it before claiming they still sound as bad. Standing in the middle, not going to say which is better and how well they sound just my reading measurement!
I have listen to the new beats studio 2013. I don't think if they outperform my momentum except the slightly wider sound-stage of the Studio. The Momentum is like the hint of how HD600 sounds like with the disadvantage of smaller soundstage and recessed highs(due to closed design). So I don't think Beats studio 2013 is any match with Momentum, no way.
The momentum is 50 dollars more and doesn't have noise cancelling. I don't see why people compare these two. Actually almost a hundred in Canada. I want to see comparisons to ue 6000 the dna pro, the executives, Bose, Bower and Wilkins, Fanny Wang, the Inspiration, the Klipsch Status, and other noise cancelling 300 dollar ish headphones with appealing looks and ergonomics.
skfktkwjs, thanks SO much for your review. I much appreciate you communicating your satisfaction with the new Beats Studio by means beyond qualitative discussion. I agree that it is hard or impossible to determine the objective correlates to subjective assessment, but I suspect that frequency response for "color" and total harmonic distortion for "speed" are the most important two. A paper cited elsewhere in this forum describes an experiment by Harmon Institute that has listeners "tuning" an equalizer for "best" room speaker sound, then measuring the frequency response and noting some headphones highly regarded by the poster that have a similar frequency response. I, too, have the Beats Studio 2, and I find that they have allowed me to discover new things in familiar music previously heard through Sennheiser HD 598, Parrot Ziks, and Klipsch s4is. Comfort is great, in part due to compact size and light weight, and construction,while plastic, has no sign of flimsiness. In fact, my satisfaction with the Beats Studio 2 has prompted me to purchase both the wireless version (Studio 2 wireless) and the Beats Pro (just did this yesterday... don't have them yet.) I do plan to augment that purchase with some "precision" headphones as well, most likely the NAD VISO hp50. I hope to post a review of the Beats Studio 2, once I figure out how (newbie here!).
One simply cannot compare frequency response graphs and make a direct comparison and statement based off from only that. Numbers are absolutely meaningless. As the old saying goes, 'looks good, on paper'. That pretty much sums it up. I am sorry, but after buying my Momentums, and then heading down to the Apple store and trying all the Beats and Bose (due to the whole lawsuit mess), I can safely say that while Beats have admittedly gotten better, they are not even close in terms of overall sound quality. Even after applying a balanced EQ thanks to Accudio. Spend your money on Beats if you want, but I have said this many times in the past, there is a reason why several pairs of Beats 2.0 go up on Kijiji in my city daily.
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