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A Review On: Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone (Black) - NEW

Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone (Black) - NEW

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Pros: Sound quality, Aesthetics, Comfort, Beats fad

Cons: Active noise cancellation, Beats negativity

A Little Background


I currently own Beats Pro and I listen to them on a daily basis. I have previously owned Beats Studios and Beats Solos. I bought all of them from The Source in Ontario and got them severely discounted. I only buy Beats when they are on sale and I am able to get 30% discount on top of that. The Beats Pros are the only Beats headphones that I have kept and the only ones that I like. Are they worth their full price? God no. But they are well made, look the part, and are fun to use. No they don't sound the best, but they are fine and I enjoy them every now and then. The old Studios and Solos were complete crap however. They sounded terrible, they felt cheap, and they were uncomfortable in my opinion. I barely had them for a week before I sold them.


Studios 2013


I opened these up 3 hours ago and have been listening to them ever since. I am coming at this short review from the perspective of an average consumer. I am by no means an audiophile and I am not going into topic on the highs and mids and lows, cause frankly I don't care. I care about how they sound to my ears, how comfortable they are, how portable, and price.




GREAT! They feel much better than the old Studios. They fit wonderfully on my ears and they are much lighter and smaller. If you have big ears they may be uncomfortable, not sure. 




They come with a nice hard-shell case and fold to a portable size. No issues with portability. I would not want to throw them into a bag without their case however, unlike the Beats Pros.


Sound Quality


Honestly, they are wonderful. The old Studios were terrible in my opinion and the Solos were complete trash. Everything about them hurt my ears. My music did not sound anything like what they sound like on my B&W MM1s at home. These new Studios, however, sound great. Are they as good as other audiophile-grade headphones in their price range? I am not sure. Some people believe so and others say no. It does't really matter much to me, I like them either way.


Noise cancellation is annoying. I wish they did not have it, or had it and gave us the option to turn it off. That being said, the noise cancellation does not produce much pressure on your ears and that is a great improvement. These headphones only produce a relatively quiet white noise for noise cancellation, and while that is good, it can also annoy you in between songs or (if your ears are really adept) during songs.




At full price, are they worth it? Honestly, I think so. I didn't pay full price, but I would have gladly paid it. They sound great for what they are, they look amazing, they feel stronger, and they carry with them the feeling of 'class'. 




A much improved product on every front. They feel and look great, they sound equally great, and they are worth the premium price in my opinion. I wish they didn't have noise cancellation, but what can you do. Lastly, all this Beats negativity turns most people off of their products. Audiophiles everywhere complain about their sound quality, and blah blah blah, but I think they sound wonderful and really Beats is designed for the average consumer not for audiophiles. If you like the Beats line of products and are excited for a much better sounding pair of cans from them then these are for you. If you don't like noise cancellation then look elsewhere. Try to get them on sale. :)


You can read all of my impressions on my newly created website: here.


Your thoughts echo mine. Way better than any of the other models of Beats and actually comparable in sound quality to other headphones have heard at its price point.

Still not digging the looks though.
I much prefer these over the old Studios in the "looks" department. I do however wish I could have waited for Beats to release a matte finished product. The newly released Beats Studios Wireless (not sure if that is the name or not) in matte silver look beautiful.
Got these in Matte silver titan. The ANC is gonna make these my perfect daily driver. They're a good headphone for out and about, driven from portable devices.