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Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone (Black) - NEW

67% Positive Reviews
Rated #308 in Over-Ear


Pros: Style, Sound, Noise Cancellation, Mute Button on the Left Side

Cons: Beats Stigma, Needs Burn in

When I first got these headphones I was like WOW they look so beautiful! Then i tried it on, it felt great and comfortable on my head but when the sound came out, I was like "What the hell? Where's all the hype about the bass?" It sounded NOTHING like any other beats before. Also, It lacked everything. Bass, mids, lows, and highs. It sounded like rubbish. But then I burned them in with pink noise. Wow, what a big difference. From trash to gold. I swear I felt like I spent $300 bucks on a pair of skullcandy sounding headphones at first, then it became nothing like before. Clear, thumping bass, good lows, mids, and highs. I can't explain it.


Pros: Beats Audio Finally has what we call Good sounding Headphone.

Cons: So far not much

I won't say much because I know you guys will laughing at me


When I say Beats headphone sounds good. LOL


So I brought some factual fr response measurement.


I compared new beats studio with Sony MDR-1R, Sennhieser, Momentum on ear, Momentum over ear and HD-25


Take a look. Red Color graph is Beats New Studio



Beats Studio 2 VS MDR-1R



Beats Studio2 VS Momentum On Ear



Beats Studio 2 VD Momentum Over Ear


Beats Studio 2 VS Sennhieser HD-25


As you can see They are quite compatible with those $200~$350 dollars headphones.


Let me show you THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of beats 


THD of Momentum Over Ear



Beats New Studio


Surprisingly Beats outperforms Momentum Over Ear by THD~


However since studio has active noise canceling tech, It cannot avoid some distortion.


However as you can see Beats New Studio outperforms some of audiophile headphones in its price range!! + noise canceling + Sturdy build.


We should respect Beats Audio's effort on it~! 


Pros: Comfort

Cons: Flashy,Sound,Build,Everything

"The best of the beats line" isn't saying much.

I actually thought these were going to be good. When I tried them on at the apple store I was impressed by the comfort. They were out of power so I didn't get to test the sound or noise cancelling. I got a pair and was happy with them until I tried a pair of ATH M50.It was then that I realised just how bad they were in terms of sound quality. What's more, they attract so much attention that you feel embarrassed using them outside. To top things of, the left ear cup broke within the first month!

I actually thought beats could improve. But now I doubt they ever will.


Pros: Great look

Cons: Overpriced, Sound like 50 dollar headphones

I dislike these headphones. I really, really dislike them. They're the best of the bunch, but that's not saying much. They all sound like 10 - 50 dollar headphones.
I honestly don't think I'll ever buy a Beats product ever again.


Pros: Good sound; great comfort; great looks

Cons: Slight hiss; steep price

Beats claims, "Music as the artist intended," and "You're not hearing all the music.." This leads me to expect that I will make new discoveries in familiar music when I listen through Beats headphones.


I indeed have heard new things in old music with Beats, listening to songs I have listened to DOZENS of times on my other headphones (Sennheiser HD 598, Parrot Zik, Apple In-Ear (their best), Klipsch s4i, and others). In about 25% of familiar songs I hear something new with Beats, spanning genres of classical, hip hop, electronic, and others.


I take this to mean that the headphone sound quality is at least comparable or perhaps better than these other headphones. It is also much better than that of the original Beats Studio. The headphones are my most comfortable and are awesome at noise cancellation. While being large enough to be "over ear," they are small enough to be light and comfortable and do not fall off your head when doing such repetitive motions as scrubbing or vacuuming.


One quirk is that the headphones are turned on by plugging in their cord... an unfortunate result is that if you just take the headphones off, they remain on, unless you pull out the cord (or turn off the power switch). Leaving the cord in without turning them off depletes the battery and requires recharge.


These headphones have turned me into an aficionado of both hip hop music and Beats products. I have just purchased both the wireless version of these headphones as well as the Beats Pro headphones, taking advantage of the "Buy 2 Beats for 10% off" special ending Feb. 8, 2014. I have also purchased the Beats premium audio in my new FIAT Abarth (fabulous!) and am subscribed to the new Beats Music streaming service.


But I recognize that they are not the high-accuracy headphones that provide the best listening experience, with transparency, good sound stage, and precise spectrum.  Hence, I have also purchased the similarly-priced NAD VISO HP50. I'm looking for diversity of listening experience as I augment my headphone collection to 20.


Value:  3/5
Audio Quality:  4/5
Design: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5


Pros: Sound quality, Aesthetics, Comfort, Beats fad

Cons: Active noise cancellation, Beats negativity

A Little Background


I currently own Beats Pro and I listen to them on a daily basis. I have previously owned Beats Studios and Beats Solos. I bought all of them from The Source in Ontario and got them severely discounted. I only buy Beats when they are on sale and I am able to get 30% discount on top of that. The Beats Pros are the only Beats headphones that I have kept and the only ones that I like. Are they worth their full price? God no. But they are well made, look the part, and are fun to use. No they don't sound the best, but they are fine and I enjoy them every now and then. The old Studios and Solos were complete crap however. They sounded terrible, they felt cheap, and they were uncomfortable in my opinion. I barely had them for a week before I sold them.


Studios 2013


I opened these up 3 hours ago and have been listening to them ever since. I am coming at this short review from the perspective of an average consumer. I am by no means an audiophile and I am not going into topic on the highs and mids and lows, cause frankly I don't care. I care about how they sound to my ears, how comfortable they are, how portable, and price.




GREAT! They feel much better than the old Studios. They fit wonderfully on my ears and they are much lighter and smaller. If you have big ears they may be uncomfortable, not sure. 




They come with a nice hard-shell case and fold to a portable size. No issues with portability. I would not want to throw them into a bag without their case however, unlike the Beats Pros.


Sound Quality


Honestly, they are wonderful. The old Studios were terrible in my opinion and the Solos were complete trash. Everything about them hurt my ears. My music did not sound anything like what they sound like on my B&W MM1s at home. These new Studios, however, sound great. Are they as good as other audiophile-grade headphones in their price range? I am not sure. Some people believe so and others say no. It does't really matter much to me, I like them either way.


Noise cancellation is annoying. I wish they did not have it, or had it and gave us the option to turn it off. That being said, the noise cancellation does not produce much pressure on your ears and that is a great improvement. These headphones only produce a relatively quiet white noise for noise cancellation, and while that is good, it can also annoy you in between songs or (if your ears are really adept) during songs.




At full price, are they worth it? Honestly, I think so. I didn't pay full price, but I would have gladly paid it. They sound great for what they are, they look amazing, they feel stronger, and they carry with them the feeling of 'class'. 




A much improved product on every front. They feel and look great, they sound equally great, and they are worth the premium price in my opinion. I wish they didn't have noise cancellation, but what can you do. Lastly, all this Beats negativity turns most people off of their products. Audiophiles everywhere complain about their sound quality, and blah blah blah, but I think they sound wonderful and really Beats is designed for the average consumer not for audiophiles. If you like the Beats line of products and are excited for a much better sounding pair of cans from them then these are for you. If you don't like noise cancellation then look elsewhere. Try to get them on sale. :)


You can read all of my impressions on my newly created website: here.

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Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphone (Black) - NEW

The Gadgetmac review http://www.gadgetmac.com/reviews/beats-studio-2-2013-headphones-review.html

FeatureBeats Acoustic Engine uses precision sound to deliver music the way artists want it to be heard.Streamlined design enhances fit, distributes weight, and adds comfort.Adaptive Noise Canceling blocks out the world in two modes.20-hour rechargeable battery with Auto On/Off and a visible Battery Fuel Gauge keeps the vibe going.Includes - Beats New Studio over ear headphones, USB 2.0 Charging Cable, USB power adapter, 3.5mm audio cable, RemoteTalk cable, Hard shell carrying case, Beats cleaning cloth, Quick Start-Up Guide
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