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A Review On: Beats Studio by Dr. Dre - Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Beats Studio by Dr. Dre - Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

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Pros: stylish, good for hobby dj, good warranty

Cons: built flimsy, overpriced, marketing scam

the good~~~

if you have heard these things, there is something very addictive about them. they are a very nice looking pair of headphones, and they sound very good to the untrained ear(heavy bass, good highs). These headphones also come with a warranty that lasts one full year, and i like how when mine broke, they sent me a new pair sealed in box the second that they received my defective ones.


the bad~~~

these things are super flimsy! have you ever heard them in best buy? chances are you heard one ear of them! mine broke even though i completely baby them, and i had to send them in to get fixed by warranty. When they are put on a HATS machine, they have bad ratings in distortion, tracking, and worst of all, frequency response.


The ugly~~~

The worst part about these to me, is how genius the marketing team for monster is. one thing about these headphones, is that they are called "studio high definition) well, there isnt really a "high definition" standard for headphones, and if there was, these wouldnt be it. I feel kinda like i was lied to by them in a way. also, they are called "studio" and it says their purpose is for people recording in the studio. well, in reality, we all know that people in the studio use headphones that have super super flat frequency response, and they are normally pretty ugly. there is a lot of stuff done on tv to make these look better than they are. they sound great yes, but they arent what they are said to be. in the end, im very sad that i hate these so much because I remember loving them to death in the first place. i have learned a lot about audio since then, and can do a lot better than these headphones in the given price range


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