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Beats Studio 2.0 Over-Ear Headphone Reviews

Positive Reviews


This wasn't cooked up by Dr. Dre


Pros: Style, Sound, Noise Cancellation, Mute Button on the Left Side

Cons: Beats Stigma, Needs Burn in

When I first got these headphones I was like WOW they look so beautiful! Then i tried it on, it felt great and comfortable on my head but when the sound came out, I was like "What the hell? Where's all the hype about the bass?" It sounded NOTHING like any other beats before. Also, It lacked everything. Bass, mids, lows, and highs. It sounded like rubbish. But then I burned them in with pink noise. Wow, what a big difference. From trash to gold. I swear I felt like I spent $300 bucks on a pair of skullcandy sounding headphones at first, then it became nothing like before. Clear, thumping bass, good lows, mids, and highs. I can't explain it.

Beats new Revolution


Pros: Beats Audio Finally has what we call Good sounding Headphone.

Cons: So far not much

I won't say much because I know you guys will laughing at me When I say Beats headphone sounds good. LOL So I brought some factual fr response measurement. I compared new beats studio with Sony MDR-1R, Sennhieser, Momentum on ear, Momentum over ear and HD-25 Take a look. Red Color graph is Beats New Studio  Beats Studio 2 VS MDR-1R  Beats Studio2 VS Momentum On Ear  Beats Studio 2 VD Momentum Over Ear Beats Studio 2 VS Sennhieser HD-25 As you can see They are quite compatible with those $200~$350 dollars headphones. Let me show you THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of beats  ...
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Negative Reviews


Waste of money


Pros: Comfort

Cons: Flashy,Sound,Build,Everything

"The best of the beats line" isn't saying much. I actually thought these were going to be good. When I tried them on at the apple store I was impressed by the comfort. They were out of power so I didn't get to test the sound or noise cancelling. I got a pair and was happy with them until I tried a pair of ATH M50.It was then that I realised just how bad they were in terms of sound quality. What's more, they attract so much attention that you feel embarrassed using them outside. To top things of, the left ear cup broke within the first month! I actually thought beats could improve. But now I doubt they ever will.



Pros: Great look

Cons: Overpriced, Sound like 50 dollar headphones

I dislike these headphones. I really, really dislike them. They're the best of the bunch, but that's not saying much. They all sound like 10 - 50 dollar headphones. I honestly don't think I'll ever buy a Beats product ever again.

More Reviews


Beats Studio 2.0 Review – Leave Them Around Your Neck


Pros: Bass slam, Detailed high end, Design, Comfortable, Lightweight, Very good isolation, Push to hear function, Many accessories

Cons: Upper mids and treble a bit harsh, Bass and lower midrange bloat, Gloss plastic, Sub-bass extension, RRP is not well considered

Introduction – It`s no secret that Beats have probably the poorest reputation of any piece of audio equipment. And that`s no surprise really, they embody everything audiophiles scorn in general; marketed through celebrities, popular with kids, have a poor price/performance ratio and worst of all, have gained mass popularity and recognition. I`ve actually wanted to have a look at the Studio 2.0`s for a while. I despised the first generation model, the sound was mediocre at best and the design wasn`t anything particularly sophisticated. But when the 2013 model was released, I took a liking to the much sleeker design and many  reviewers similarly praised it`s more balanced sound....
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Hear new things in old music


Pros: Good sound; great comfort; great looks

Cons: Slight hiss; steep price

Beats claims, "Music as the artist intended," and "You're not hearing all the music.." This leads me to expect that I will make new discoveries in familiar music when I listen through Beats headphones.   I indeed have heard new things in old music with Beats, listening to songs I have listened to DOZENS of times on my other headphones (Sennheiser HD 598, Parrot Zik, Apple In-Ear (their best), Klipsch s4i, and others). In about 25% of familiar songs I hear something new with Beats, spanning genres of classical, hip hop, electronic, and others.   I take this to mean that the headphone sound quality is at least comparable or perhaps better than these other headphones. It is...
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Very surprised


Pros: Sound quality, Aesthetics, Comfort, Beats fad

Cons: Active noise cancellation, Beats negativity

A Little Background   I currently own Beats Pro and I listen to them on a daily basis. I have previously owned Beats Studios and Beats Solos. I bought all of them from The Source in Ontario and got them severely discounted. I only buy Beats when they are on sale and I am able to get 30% discount on top of that. The Beats Pros are the only Beats headphones that I have kept and the only ones that I like. Are they worth their full price? God no. But they are well made, look the part, and are fun to use. No they don't sound the best, but they are fine and I enjoy them every now and then. The old Studios and Solos were complete crap however. They sounded terrible, they felt...
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