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A Review On: Beats Solo by Dr. Dre On-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk (White)

Beats Solo by Dr. Dre On-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk (White)

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Pros: Nice looking, portable

Cons: sound quality, clamping pressure, expensive

The good:These are very nice looking headphones which are also very portable. They fold up into a small package for easy travel. I don't think these feel to cheap.


The bad: Upon putting these on I was surprised at how bad the sound quality was. The bass was overpowering and also a bit muddy. Mids and highs were barely there. These are expensive headphones and the sound quality isn't any better than a $100 pair ( I am comparing to my MDR-ZX600 right now ). The comfort isn't too good as well, it had a lot of clamping pressure which didn't annoy me much, but if you have a bigger head these might be annoying. 


Conclusion: Good looking but bad sound quality and bad comfort. If you want good looking headphones with good sound quality as well, I recommend the MDR-ZX600s. 


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