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Beats Pro (High Performance Professional Headphones From Monster® - Pro-tuned Over-Ear - Black) Reviews

Positive Reviews


They really aren't that bad


Pros: Durability, appearance

Cons: Price

Well first off, these headphones are bashed on way to much just for being 'Beats'. The studio's straight up suck and the solo's are beyond bad. These suckers take on quite a beating because of the 'sins of their forefathers'. Personally, the price wasn't as big of a deal with me since I got these for 300 new, but price is the main downfall of these guys. They are far from worth 400 dollars for their sound quality. You could find the same if not better sound quality in 250$ headphones.   However, these headphones make up for this quality in their build. I found this strange coming from Monster. I have dropped these puppies from 6ft+ several times, slammed the chord in between a...
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Great headphones (if you get them under $150)


Pros: Powerful Bass, clear Midrange, somewhat mellow highs. You can get these for lower than half of the retail price online.

Cons: Colored sound isn't for audiophiles.

Overview:    The Beats Pro is the Beats' top-of-the-line model, with a lofty price tag of $400. However, its price, along with Beats' reputation with being a hated-on brand, hides the fact that it actually sounds great. That hate reaches out far across the Internet, where trolls and hate fill every Beats-related thread. I'm almost certain that at least three-quarters of Beats trolls haven't listened to them once in their life (even if they say that they did). Even at Head-Fi, the Beats are a hated brand, but not as much as anywhere else. I've found a handful of other people across the Internet that actually appreciate the Beats, but since the trolling is so...
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Beats by Dr. Dre Pro


Pros: Great Audio Quality, Amazing Build Quality, Fairly Comfortable, Beautiful Design

Cons: Way Too Expensive, Heavy Build

Ive had these headphones for 3 months now and from what i've seen they are pretty great. They have great audio quality, though not the best. But are very expensive for what you get. The build is all aluminum with very soft padding, so the build quality is great. But they are a bit heavy. A lot of people say they are uncomfortable because they are on-ear not over-ear like the studios. But I must disagree. Because I have very small ears, they fit over my ears and become a over-ear headphone for me, which makes them very comfortable, but a bit heavy. The design is sexy and is mostly the reason why these are so hyped up. Over all, though they sound pretty good and look nice, they are...
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Negative Reviews


Not Good


Pros: Boomy Bass, Looks?

Cons: Pretty much everything else

Beats' top of the line headphone. Nothing as I was expecting it to be though. The bass still distorts the sound and there is minimal clarity, not to mention these things are so uncomfortable. thumbs up for the design though.

A Humble Beginning



Cons: Terrible value and sound

My first foray into "high end" audio. Without these I never would have got on the right track. How are they? Not bad, just with skull crushing bass. (I never bought Skullcrushers) And terrible value. You can't forget that. 

They're alright... but still too bloody expensive.


Pros: Massive, earth-shattering bass - but still controlled. High-quality, solid construction. Attractive.

Cons: Midrange lacks warmth and is a little recessed. Highs lack sparkle. They're heavy and uncomfortable. The price is way too high.

Well... these aren't exactly bad. They're just... well, boring.    The bass is actually good if you take these for what they are (a bass heavy DJ-can). The bass pressure is MASSIVE. I have not heard (or felt) this kind of monster bass in a headphone before. It's well controlled (probably because of the extremely rigid chassis). It goes fairly deep and hits with massive power. Almost feels like the bass is shattering your bones.... If you're a basshead you won't find better.    Not saying the bass is really high-quality, it's absolutely not as clear as you'll get with other headphones at this price range and it's accentuated "boom" bass after all. But it's accentuated...
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More Reviews


Beats Pro


Pros: Clear Bass, Stylish, "Branded", Build Quality

Cons: Uncomfortable After Long Periods, Overpriced, Rigid Build

Okay, I get it, Head-Fi.org userbase just hate these headphones, and as a user, I'd like to offer my point of view to the majority and just show Monster some love.   First Off, Build:   They are simply Tanks, I have dropped them, threw them, and slammed them a couple times, and man they hold well. The Aluminum Body really gives it the Build Quality. A little Con here is the Extenders and the Rigid Build. The Extenders aren't equal on both sides and tend to slip compared to the Studios and Solos. I mean, they do stick when you pull it at a certain angle, but usually they just slip around. Second Con is that they tend to make this Cracking sound every once in a while...
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Not that good


Pros: build

Cons: comfort

mids are distorted   very good solid instrument separation   deep bass   laid back highs and not much detailed     synergizes very well on a neutral dac and EQed to bass reducer

After all all the hate i actually like these


Pros: Build quality, looks, branding, bass, highs,

Cons: Fatiguing, tight fit, heavy, mids, unrealistic sound.

Yes everyone i know what you will say. After all the hate these got i listened at best buy and i thought they sounded pretty good. I hesitated to hand over my money but in the end i did to go with a review and perhaps keep them if i was satisfied enough. Well to my ears i am satisfied.   Durability/Design These are the most durable pair of headphones i have ever used. Full metal construction and huge thick cords, The design is also eye catching and they look sleek. To most people looks matter and i am no different. I do like my tech to look good but sound comes before looks every time.   Comfort The common consensus on comfort is that these are uncomfortable. I am...
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Best Monster Beats headphone I've tried so far, but still too expensive for what they are.


Pros: Punchy bass, expansive soundstage, fun sound that is still reasonably detailed, solid build.

Cons: Sibilant highs, recessed mids, average sound isolation, uncomfortable during long use, cups get a bit warm.

I've tried the Beats by Dre Studio and I found them to have a terrible sound. Poor performance everywhere, bloated and excessive bass, as well as useless built-in active amplification/noise cancellation. I got an opportunity to audition my coworker's Beats Pro and I have to say that these headphones are much better than the Studio. They have a fun sound that I actually enjoyed and they don't come with built-in active amp. The isolation is average, but still decent. I didn't seem to bother my coworkers while trying them out at moderate-high volumes. I listened with them through the following setup: Winamp ASIO -> Pico USB DAC -> Graham Slee Voyager (flat) I listened to EDM such as...
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Depends what you want...


Pros: Solid build and construction, easily driven, soft cups and band, strong cable,

Cons: Bass heavy, comfort

I know the Beats get a hell of a lot of bashing on here, and to be honest I swore I would never buy a pair as they are so pricey and plastic. (I paid £350 not $)    However spending a bit of time in a store listening to some Senns, Audio Tech, Denon and the new Skullcandy then the Beats Pro I was amazed. For a start the build quality is second to none! I find Sennheisers made of 90% plastic and feel featherlight but its the feeling that if I just bend them a little wrong they are going to snap in two, and in my opinion it goes for others too; not the Beat Pros. All aluminium, leather and a little plastic to connect the ear cuffs, as soon as you put them on you feel the...
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Should be called Skullcrushers if Skullcandy discontinues their line


Pros: Boomy bass, swivel feature if you turn it the right way

Cons: Not really over ear

Everyones seen and heard them... the kids with their car sterios turned all the way up, bass turned all the way up. You can't tell what the song is, but hey, at least you know it has some bass.   Yeah these are a crappy car sterio for a wanna be on a personal level. I tried to listen to these with other genres than rap, and you simply can't. It sound like your standing behind a wall at a live performance. The quality is there, but I'm always inclined to turn the volume up, since it never feels fully there.   Build quality is nothing compared to waht you paid for it. The cushions don't even make near a perfect circle. The top cushion's leather hides springs that...
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Beats Pro.


Pros: Great construction. Solid aluminum build quality looks awesome. Especially in white.

Cons: Sound quality. Price.

Since these were my first big audio purchase I ended up spending allot of time researching on forums and reviews. Even though this website and a few others kept telling my that the beat pros were rubbish and that they were an overpriced set of cans that an artist endorsed. I decided that they all must be wrong and I bought them anyways. I was wrong. After a few days of listening to them I decided to buy a pair of ATH M50s off amazon and made sure I got one day shipping because I couldn't stand knowing that I could have much better sound quality from different headphones. I will admit these headphones are some of the best looking out there. Especially for my younger generation. -The...
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Beats Pro!


Pros: Solid Construction. Fairly comfy. Great sound

Cons: Earcups are a little shallow, and hurt after awhile (like 30+ minutes).

  I got my new Beats Pro the other day after waiting an insane amount time for my amazon pre-order to process. I know that the studios get a good flaming here, but I feel like the Pros are a far better set of cans (I've listened to both, and I like the studios, but damn, these are great). As a preface to my equipment and music taste, I think its important to note that I'm a bass player (both classical double bass, jazz, and general music production) so I love bass! I love feeling my body shake in rooms with stereos and I love the sensation of my head vibrating, but aslong as its musical, because thats the most important aspect of music! Who cares about ridiculous bass for the sake...
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Initial Thoughts


Pros: Beautiful Design, Durability, Decent price IMO

Cons: None as of yet

I will write more later as I've explored them a little more. I will say don't let the monster label make you pre-judge these beauties. These straight eclipse the mediocre Studios. I believe it's shameful to even compare the two. I would give these a try.
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