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A Review On: Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Mobile In-Ear Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Mobile In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Nice Cable, Design, Isolation, OK Sound

Cons: Muddy bass, recessed mids, worries about Durability

So i got these just for kicks, $23 USD. i wasn't expecting much, but when i opened the box it came with the case! the headphones, weirdly, looked legit. Comfort was a bit short, because of the length, but when i got a good fit, the isolation was good. the flat cable and "dope" stylin' were pluses too. Even more, the ControlTalk feature worked perfectly. Ok, so i thought, the sound must be crap. i was wrong. when i listened to the LEGIT beats tour, they produced really heavy bass, really recessed mids, and half a ton of sibilance. Amazingly, these got rid of the sibilance issues, and also reduced the bass. Yes, the mids were still recessed, and clarity could be better, but for the price, these are a stone-cold steal. soundstage was fairly average. besides comfort, the other issue i had is future durability problems. i heard many people's broke, let's see if these hold up. i can't wait to see the comments on this review, most of which are gonna say "TROLL" and stuff like that biggrin.gif 


Conclusion: for a pair of fakes, these are great. obviously, they don't hold a candle to my other earphones, such as Shure SE215 and Sony XBA-1, but ohwells. :D i'll try to post pics when i have time.


FAIL.. If I would review them (with my biased mind) I think i'll give them a three... or two and a half..maybe (even if I haven't heard them.. just my past experiences with beats) BTW where did you get those?
lol... i'm a noob, k? don't be so biased, as the tours actually are an improvement over the solos/solo hd's :P
oh all right, i'll lower the rating :D
Nice review. If the price of genuine Beats' products were more reasonable, they would be perfectly adequate. Hmm, did you really get them for just 23 bucks? Not bad at all.