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Beats by Dr. Dre Tour

A Review On: Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Bass, Style, Tangle-less Cord, Sound Quality

Cons: A little heavy, Comfort

Overall, I am enjoying these earphones.  I am certainly not an audiophile, but these sound pretty great to me.  All I wanted from these, was good sound & good bass, but without the expense of not having any mids or highs.  I seriously do not see what all the haters have to say about these.  I'm just taking a guess, but some/most of those hating on these earphones got the fakes.  I may be completely wrong, but thats just my opinion.  If you are not an audiophile & just enjoy listening to music on your freetime, car rides, sleeping/resting, etc, then these are perfectly fine!  Oh, the cost might be a little high, but that was not too much of a deal for me.  These are good! I would recommend these to others.  


Nice opinion, but here is the one small problem with your opinion of the haters on here. This is a community of audiophiles. Therefore the likelihood of any one of the "haters" on here using fakes is slim. Head-fiers tend to make entire posts on how to spot fake headphones. The more likely reason for hating is that they have heard better for the same price or less, which is the source of their contingency with these headphones (even from monster themselves with the Turbine series). Like my personal IEMs the HJE900s. I got them for $80, and they destroy the Tours any day (at least in my opinion).

Again I'm not bashing your opinion, but I am saying your opinion may change as you experience more and more headphones. I hope you continue to enjoy these headphones as you venture through these forums, and learn of all the other headphones out there.
Thank you for your opinion. For my reference to haters, I was referring to those outsides of these forums doing reviews. I know this is a website full of audiophiles. Yes, I will agree that the Tours are a little pricey, but I would say they're pretty nice. Since I am no audiophile, looks of the earphones do matter to me. And the cord is amazing in my opinion. I didn't think they would really stay untangled, but it does! Have you had the Tours? & What was that reference you were saying about the Turbine series? The Turbines seem interesting & they look nice too. Sorry, I never heard of those before.

Yes, I'm a starter at these head/earphones. I seem to have taken an interest in earphones & want to be more educated on them for my next purchase. Everyone has to start off somewhere!
And are you an audiophile? Would you have any tips for me? Anyone?
No I never owned any of the Beats line, I merely demoed each at a decent length. Probably the worst was the Solo (not HD). There are other earphones with tangle resistant cables. Reason I say this is because I hear that the "linguini" style cords are more prone to stripping. I do not know personally how accurate this claim is, but there are other ways to make cables that resist tangling.
As for the Turbines, they are Monster's In-ears. They are generally well received here. You probably haven't heard of them because they get overshadowed by Beats. Wrongfully I might add, because they are better in every way. The only thing they don't have is the control talk thing, which I could care less about. The entire Turbines line, and the Miles Davis Tributes, are all superior to the entire Beats by Dr Dre line. If I were to buy a monster audio product, it would be from the Turbine line probably, but I have to say, the Miles Davis Tributes are really appealling to me based on the majority of my music.
I can be considered an audiophile. And allow me to welcome you to head-fi.org, and express my sincerest condolences to your wallet and money. The best advice I could give you is test out as many headphones as you can and figure out what kind of sound you like. For instance, for casual listening, I tend to gravitate towards a warmer sounding headphone, full bass with good extension, solid mids, with strong highs (though, my current pair of on ears is lacking there, but the EQ makes up for it slightly). For critical listening, I try to get as flat of a response as I can. Closer to cold and analytical, so I hear the music as it is recorded, and not colored at all by the headphones.
You can probably get a good idea of what kind of sound headphones will produce by reading reviews here. I wish you luck :)
Sorry to bother you once again. But I am considering returning my Dr dre tours. The bass I must say is a little bit too much. I'm considering the Etymotics HF5. It seems very good for its price from its reviews. Do you believe that will be a good choice. I am into bass, but not as much. Like the Klipsch S4s sound pretty nice to me, so will the Hf5s be a lot better than those? I'm 16 so I like more modern music such as Hiphop/rap, pop, R&B. Please get back as quick as possible! Thanks! I want an honest opinion!
I'm not familiar with the S4s, but I do like the HF5s, I was going to get them but decided to wait till I could afford the ER-4P. I'd suggest looking at the joker's thread for some solid reviews. http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/478568/multi-iem-review-182-iems-compared-soundmagic-e30-blue-ever-blue-866b-added-7-06
klipsch reference s4 or turbines
both good for modern music
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