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Beats by Dr. Dre Tour In-Ear Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


They work for me!


Pros: Good bass response, Good construction, Tangle-free flat cable, They look amazing

Cons: ControlTalk doesn't work with all phones, Hard to find a good seal

I know lots of users probably think these are crap, & you can get better earphones for the price, and I agree with them, you can get better sounding earphones for this price range but that doesn't matter to me, they work for what I use them for and they look far better than any other earphones available. Good SQ for me since I listen to mostly Rap/Hip-Hop music, Better bass response was my main focus point since that genre has lots of powerful lows & these handle it well, Other buds I've tried don't have the quality of these. Bass is far cleaner than most, mids are good & highs are clear. Monster does tune their Beats lineup for stronger bass so flat response is not what you...
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Beats by Dr. Dre Tour


Pros: Bass, Style, Tangle-less Cord, Sound Quality

Cons: A little heavy, Comfort

Overall, I am enjoying these earphones.  I am certainly not an audiophile, but these sound pretty great to me.  All I wanted from these, was good sound & good bass, but without the expense of not having any mids or highs.  I seriously do not see what all the haters have to say about these.  I'm just taking a guess, but some/most of those hating on these earphones got the fakes.  I may be completely wrong, but thats just my opinion.  If you are not an audiophile & just enjoy listening to music on your freetime, car rides, sleeping/resting, etc, then these are perfectly fine!  Oh, the cost might be a little high, but that was not too much of a...
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Negative Reviews


A bad idea


Pros: The cable is pretty cool and extremely resistant to tangling.

Cons: Feel odd when in ears, utterly barbaric quality.

Where to start?  I bought these in-ear headphones from Best Buy a while back.  They lasted me around 3 hours of total time out of the box before the left earphone began to produce crackled sounds and static.  I take incredibly good care of my belongings and my Apple In-Ear Headphones are still working fine after nearly 2 years of continuous use as my primary set of in-ears.  They did isolate sound a bit, but nothing about them made me want to continue using them.  Needless to say I returned them the next day.  Never before have I ever seen a headphone of such poor quality.

More Reviews


half a star is far too much


Pros: cheap

Cons: everything else but cheap

Bought these when being on vacation the past weeks, since "argl" I missed to pack my in-ears and thought, ok, for 2 weeks on the beach, let's pick the first ones I came across. What I learned now, and since the first impression always counts, keep your hands back from packages with "Beats" on it. I expected less, since that brand is well know by poeple with equipment causing ear-cancer, but I still expected a bit more but in-ear which aren't able to represent a clean sound of what the playback device sends them. Ever heard of what "soundstage" stands for? This was the first ever in-ears which had no stage at all. Looks as if beats tried to produce a headphone set which lets stereo...
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Portable use Only


Pros: Portable, many accessories, good isolation, good design

Cons: Bad audio quality, bad value, okay comfort

So I got a pair of these before i knew anything about audio, and since now i do, i rarely ever listen to these, these have bad sound quality, the comfort is okay, but i really like the design i think its very unique. Also these do isolate very well i could every rarely hear anything when I'm listening to music with these on. Overall these have bad value, not worth $149.99

Coin toss


Pros: Looks

Cons: Price, Value, Sound, and Durability

For me personally these are okay   Price -- I think these should be cheaper than they are priced. On the Apple website they are marked at $150 still but I think they are cheaper in the store. Anyways, they would be okay if they were $70 just because of the experience I had with them.   Pros: They do come with a good carrying case, and a decent amount of tips to choose among. They are good looking ear buds for sure. They look nice, color scheme is good. I love the red, white, and black. However that's about it.   Cons: The main problem for me was comfort and sound. Comfort: For me they stuck out of my ear too far and were constantly falling...
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Worst Headphones Ever


Pros: Nice colour

Cons: Static, tinny, left ear intermittent, absolutely overpriced

Purchased these after losing my old earphones, notice straight away they were an awkward fit in the ear. As soon as I turned on the music there was sever crackling in the left ear, thinking it was my iphone I switched to my iphone5, then my ipad and finally my computer. Each one the same tinny sound and intermittent crackling in the left ear. Took back to the store, they exchanged for a new set, took them home and same thing again except both ears were crackling and tinny.   Took back to store the guy had a listen on his machines and agreed absolutely. These have to be the most overpriced tat on the market. I switched to the slightly more expensive Bowers and Wilkins and they...
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Lost my Sennheisers, bought these


Pros: Soooooo. Bad.

Cons: so very not good

I bought these as I'd lost my sennheiser in ear headphones, but needed something of reasonable quality (yeah right) in a hurry. Can I summarise? Wolf in sheep's clothing. Expensive, but really rather rubbish. Not a good fit, uncomfortable, and, for anyone who is lucky enough to own a set of reference headphones, and a decent hi-fi and decent speakers and, fancy that an inexpensive set of sennheiser headphones, really rather utter tosh So wish I'd just picked up those sony 3-23kHz headphones at half the price. Skip these. And ignore the, "hey I've just bought these, and they're wonderful" reviews. Yep. They're dross. Dr. Dross. Soooo Pants. Avoid. Or just go with the fashion,...
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Not the best investment


Pros: good sound quality

Cons: breaks very easily

I was very excited when i purchased this headphones. At first i used to carry them everywhere i went, and used them on all my devices to optimize my listening experience. after about 4 months i stopped carrying them everywhere and only used them when i needed them. just before i stopped carrying them around, i noticed that they would have static noises whenever i plugged them into any of my devices. after 6 months, i noticed that one of the ear pieces was no longer working properly. it would not work whenever i plugged them in to any device and normally had to re plug them in and press on the top to keep both ear pieces working properly.  in short, they are very expensive...
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I was mugged by reality


Pros: Cord is nice, decent in ear fit, looks great, I like the control talk

Cons: The sound quality!

I bought these a few days ago at Walmart. At first I thought they were broken, the treble was so far extended that it became shrill. After listening to these for 10 min I got a headache. I returned them and got another pair and i got the same sound again. I decided to let they burn in the rest of the afternoon and night. I tried them again the next day and they sounded almost the same with none of the shrillness removed. I've never had this problem with any iem I've ever owned and I've owned a lot of cheap ones. The bass was nice, but not $150 nice. I can see why people on here don't like them. Someone said they are like the abercrombie of headphones and I think they are right....
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Present that works


Pros: Flat cable, decent sound quality

Cons: Build quality

Alright I got these as a birthday present so that's why I put their value so high. Would I buy these myself after owning them for almost 2 years.... Probably not now, mainly beacuse my taste in music have changed a bit and now don't need as much bass. Now if you listen mainly to hip hop/rap, techno and stuff then these headphones will sound fine. That is if your lucky enough to get a pair that doesn't fall apart on you. The cable is pretty sturdy but the problem is with the glue they use to hold the earbuds together it can weaken and fall apart leaving the esrbuds hanging by two little wires. Now I would to mention that i just fixed it with some superglue and no more problems, but my...
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Dr. Dre Tour


Pros: Great construction - sturdy cord

Cons: too much bass, poor highs

Bought these to compare with my other IEMs. I have found that one can modify the bass content by changing the tips and I got them to he point where it was less bass but the high freqency performance is somewhat poor considering the price one pays for these. looking to trade now.

Not Worth the Money


Pros: Cable, storage

Cons: Overpriced for what your given

I LOVE the cable and design to be honest, with the storage pouch and how easily the cable rolls up into a circle without getting tangled later on. Flimsy/weak build after about 4months my jack was fine but my jack mount was giving up on me ]: . Your basicly just paying for the label, In my opinion I would say just buy a pair of turbines same price/cheaper pending where you buy them, but they sound a lot more worth your money.   (sorry for bad writing, im use to my blackberry fixing all my mistakes >_> )
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