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A Review On: Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Detox Edition Over Ear Headphone from Monster

Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Detox Edition Over Ear Headphone from Monster

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Pros: Build Quality, style (I personally love black), FIRST CONTROLLED CAN ON THE Beats line

Cons: Rediculously over-priced (obviously), terribly uncomfortable, stitching was awful...

First off, I will once again start off by saying that this is an honest review and I will not be talking from the typical audiophile's opinion on the Beats line.

Out of the box, the headphones sounded bland.. And I mean like they had no soundstage at all.. I could not distinguish any any difference between them and the Studios..

After 20~ hours of burn in, the sound quality improved slightly, a nice falt response with the famous emphasis on bass.. Mids were warm and precise, vocals we're welcoming, and the highs were crisp, almost shrill..

The sound was almost the same to me as a pair of M50's..

Build quality on the other hand is almost too good.. They are so heavy, I almost feel that their weight would kill them if dropped... Just a nervous tick I suppose but yeah...

My BIGGEST ANNOYANCE with the Beats line is the fact that they refuse to give any specs on their cans...

Bottom line... Do NOT pay the retail price... I got these from my friend as a gift.. And I plan on selling them soon as I can.. They just aren't worth having other than having a fashion accessory...

I would not recommend these headphones to friends or family


Though I haven't heard the detox edition I can say the beats pro sound nothing like the M50.
Four hundred and fifty dollars, lol
Everybody I see, everywhere I look... beats, beats,beats.
That company is going to give Apple a run for it's money as the most profitable on the planet one day soon. Ahem... right!
Bass wise the ath m50 will seem like beats by dre , also the treble is harsh
The M50 has FAR more controlled bass than Beats. Beats are muddy and disgusting while the M50 is tactile and detailed. The response is similar: a midbass hump, but the quality difference is very obvious.
The treble is not harsh, you're just conditioned by headphones that don't have it. Yes, it is sparkly, yes it is hyped up, and yes it's very 'there', but it has never been harsh in the 2 years I've listened to it.
beats pro are miles better than studios, however not worth over 200$