Basic M90 Reviews


Ultra Low-Budget Bliss (with VE Monk Plus earbuds)


Pros: The sound, the sound, the sound (also the price)

Cons: nearly everything else

This is pretty much the same weightless, rickety, tiny player apparently offered by Kogan, oRiver, Ritmix, etc. It comes decently boxed with a soft pouch, USB cable,  and nice looking (if unremarkable) IEMs with spare shirt clips. I was fortunate to get mine for $50 shipped to the US from Singapore through a Head-Fi ad. (Admittedly, this price gave one some pause considering Kogan's original $30 AUS price point - and something like the xduoo x3 now available for under $100. But I'm glad now to have done it.)   The unit is a light, semi-fragile fingerprint magnet. I improvised a thick, clear plastic cover for it out of a dollar store micro-cloth case.   If anything, the...
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Good detailed DAP for the price


Pros: Detailed sound, low-cost, light

Cons: Feels cheap, hard-to-press buttons, need warmer earphones bundle

Basic, a personal audio producer from Indonesia, recently re-branded a DAP from oRiver O5. O5 is also re-branded as Kogan MP4 player, among others. Basic, fortunately, decided to keep the sound signature of the DAP, which is bright and detailed. Compared to other re-branded O5s, the company also added its own touch to the DAP by different bezel and buttons, and tweaked the firmware. The additions include the ability to display song/album art and different graphics. The buttons are still hard to press, but the response time is better. Basic also bundled a re-branded IEM from Phrodi POD500, as IE900, but the Basic's version is without mic. The sound signature of the IE900 is flat, hence...
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