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Clean, Balanced, and Natural.

A Review On: Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6

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Pros: Clarity, Deep, Tight and Fast Audiofile Bass, Natural, Clear Mid, Crystal Clear Highs, Design, Isolation, audiophile quality sound

Cons: Lack of accessory, Bit of sound leaking, Some might fine it bit harsh on treble, not for bass head or bass emphasized lover.

I will describe it very simply since I am not English speaker...
H6 was demoed with ipod Touch 5thG Galaxy Note2 ifi audio ican + idac.
I owns some of flagship headphone like grado PS1000, Gs1000, Audeze LCD-2 Beyerdynamic T90 AKG K702 etc 
so I think I know what I am talking about.
Out of all the B&o earphone and headphone series (except U70 cuz I never tried) H6 shows the best performance. 
I personally don't like B&o Due to over priced products.(So I hate New H3 in-ear) 
However H6 has changed my impression of B&o. 
H6 has what we call audiofile bass. Its Deep Clean Tight and Fast. the Bass is not really Emphasized but it still does what the bass have to do. 
by Sub-woofer test, I was able to hear down to 30hz which is pretty amazing result for this small type of headphone.  
Separation of each bass instruments are amazing. I can hear every different instruments very well and clean. 
Mids are natural, Clean and detail. vocal are very natal and detail. H6 capture all the details of vocal. Guitar is clean vivid and rich. 
Snare drum is not as strong as those Grado or other Metal head cups but it is fast tight and sharp. There are very slight emphasize on mid but  
it's just very little amount. Just like Bass, All instruments separated well and nothing got muddy or mushed
high are crystal clear and detail. Some might find it too bright because there are some emphases. Those little bit of accent on high gives clearness and details to the mid and all the high frequency instruments like symbols, Harmonics of Violin and etc. However, as I said its can be disadvantages for listing. It might get tired easily. It seems like it reaches up to 14khz to 15khz but I wish it could
reaches up to like 17khz or 18khz (since its $430!!) Oh well Not many people can hear that high especially in crowded area like train, bus or shopping malls
Staging is quite big even though enclosure of H6 is very small and compact. I would say it is biggest than LCD-2 (LCD-2 is not the greatest staging headphone) but it's not 
as great and big as Beyerdynamic T90, Grado ps1000, gs1000 or AKG K701 which is well known for good staging. imaging is accurate. I can hear where are all instruments located. however somehow most of instruments are located at back of my head. It happens with GS1000 as well. so I am guess there are some Phase issue with it. Well as long as it is clear enough to tell, I don't mind.  
If you looking for Good design with natural and clean like audiophile headphone with big, and accurate sound stage H6 can be the way.
It's too sad I am paying extra $30 just because I live in Canada..





I tested these at the local B&O boutique shop in the exclusive Alonso the Cordova's shopping district which is Chile's most expensive place to buy anything and the test pair was downright awful it had a very weird distortion in the mids. I told the shop's elegant clerk that the test pair should go through a burn-in process to check if the weird mids can be solved and she told me she received no complain at all. She also told me she cannot hear any distorsion. I told her that  I review hi-fi headphones and that I clearly heard distorsion on female vocals. She finally told me she cannot tell customers that luxury headphones should go through such a process but she will contact the technicians.
I am sorry to say that regardless of burn-in these are not good enough. A Soundmagic HP100 blows them out of the water and I guess the Senns Momentum will too. These certainly look amazing and elegant but at their price point you can find more compelling sound for sure
One of the problem is the crappy cable bundled....change it .... much improvement.
A fair price OFC cable can do.
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