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Great Headphone!

A Review On: Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6

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Pros: Very "flat" sound, perfekt for classic, and all music. Build quality and comfort in absolute perfection!

Cons: Strong annoying Cable-Sounds, and the original cable with is too short for HiFi-Use.

This Headphone is a masterpiece.


Design and/or Quality could´t been better!

But all cables transmitting annoying sounds to the side they are connected in. Not perfect!

Special not for a mobile headphone, when you move your head all the time.

The good mobile-thing is that the are lightweight.


The sound is very flat to my ears, and nice for hours and hours of listening!


They sound B&O style "soft" but not "washed".


The bass is precise, but not freaky fat. Well balanced sound, medium good "sound-stage".


After hours you still don´t feel them on your ears or head.

(I don´t know how they are in summer!)


The remote in the cable works only perfect with apple devices.  

Some functions with android too. (build in mic)

This Low-Impedance Headphones work with most portables.


But they need strong amplifying to give an great sound! 

My Denon DCD 700AE CD Player have a good output, and they sound much better.

An extra headphone amp is recommended!


For 400 bucks you will get a very stylish, realistic sounding, comfortable headphone!

But for this price B&O could give us a longer extra cable für Home-HiFi. Why not!?

The include soft-bag is ok, but a small case would be better...

Design: 100% Comfort: 95% Sound 93% Quality: 95% Mobility 75% Price 70%


What matters ist Comfort and Sound! Go B&O and try one!


Kind regards




Thanks for the review! What else have you owned to compare this headphone to 
Just ordered a V-Moda cable without remote. See how this helps with the microphonics.
The V-Moda cable which is made of cloth removed almost all of the microphonics. Also it looks very nice, is available in various colours, is longer than the original B&O cable and is cheap. Very highly recommended.
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