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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Fantastically detailed sound, world-class design and easy wearability, all for a very reasonable price.


Pros: Detailed highs, smooth mids, textured lows, wide soundstage, precise imaging, gorgeous design.

Cons: While it can be driven by an iPhone, the BeoPlay H6 requires a dedicated amp to do its best work.

Background When I first got word that Bang & Olufsen would be releasing a new full-size headphone, I could barely contain my excitement. As a long-time B&O customer, I appreciate the unique blend of no-compromise performance, quality and design for which B&O is legendary. My B&O home system, a pair of bookshelf speakers with a sub, has given me countless hours of enjoyment. Let me tell you: My system has knocked the socks off more than one old-school audiophile who, before hearing it, thought B&O was just about good looks.    Yes, B&O's kit looks spectacular. But the company doesn't make vacuous supermodels with empty space between the ears. B&O...
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Negative Reviews


Colored, very shallow sound stage and massively overpriced given the compeition


Pros: Build quality, comfort. 'Fun' sound

Cons: Everything else

I will keep this ultra short. I spent 3 weeks with these and by the end I had had enough.   At first they 'wow' the user with a lovely full bodied and detailed sound but after a few hours (these had already been listened to for well in excess of 20 hours by a friend) the cracks start to appear. That lovely bass extension that was so impressive at first begins to tire, that detail in the highs begins to draw attention to the lack of mids. That price tag begins to look ridiculous given how little you have to spend these days for a good set of cans.   All in all I cannot recommend these at their price point. Sure they look and feel great but if you are even remotely serious...
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More Reviews


Best Portable Audiophile + Luxury Headphone


Pros: Comfortable, neutral and natural, folds flat for portable, luxury build quality and design

Cons: Some may find it lacking in bass, lack of warm, and may sound boring to some as well

First Impressions   Bang & Olufsen were established since 1925. I was looking at their stunning products. It was really creative, and a lot of technologies were put in each and every of their products to make sure things are near perfect and simple to use for everyone and at everywhere. All of their products define how great the effort was put into it by Bang & Olufsen's team making a product that everyone can use. I strongly believe that their universal control best describes it. It was designed 20 years ago for controlling everything you can find in Bang & Olufsen. It is not as complicated as you may think, it's simple. It's intelligent. It's convenient. Just like...
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Student Review & Comparison to ALO K701s


Pros: Good Detail / Wide Soundstage / Closed & Portable / Comfort / Pretty

Cons: Expensive / Slight Leaking / Stock Cable

This is a review of the B&O H6 (2nd Gen) and comparison to the ALO Modded AKG 701 18AWG Cryo, which I use at home on a daily basis.  It is also my first headphone review.   Background & Motivations:     I am a student and I needed a pair of closed, portable headphones during commutes on public transit, as well as for long study sessions at the library.  I recently parted ways with my Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless, and was glad to do so.    My brief impression of the Urbanite XL Wireless:  Although they are extremely tough, portable, and feature-heavy, I could not enjoy listening to them.  The bass was overpowering, detail was...
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Clean, Balanced, and Natural.


Pros: Clarity, Deep, Tight and Fast Audiofile Bass, Natural, Clear Mid, Crystal Clear Highs, Design, Isolation, audiophile quality sound

Cons: Lack of accessory, Bit of sound leaking, Some might fine it bit harsh on treble, not for bass head or bass emphasized lover.

I will describe it very simply since I am not English speaker...   H6 was demoed with ipod Touch 5thG Galaxy Note2 ifi audio ican + idac.   I owns some of flagship headphone like grado PS1000, Gs1000, Audeze LCD-2 Beyerdynamic T90 AKG K702 etc    so I think I know what I am talking about.   Out of all the B&o earphone and headphone series (except U70 cuz I never tried) H6 shows the best performance.    I personally don't like B&o Due to over priced products.(So I hate New H3 in-ear)    However H6 has changed my impression of B&o.    H6 has what we call audiofile bass. Its Deep Clean Tight and...
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Comparing with Beyerdynamic T-51p - Beo H6 MKII is the winner


Pros: going deeper in details than T-51p

Cons: sound is somehow light however bass is not neglected

It is decent design. Not too much to complain if minimalism is familiar to you. Cable is short what in my case is an advantage. Comfort is as expected. H6 sit rather hard but the headband tension is acceptable. Definitively I do not like the plug in system - replacement is nice feature for headphones cable but beo solution is annoying - to get them working you will need some equilibristics. Exchange plugs brings different left-right channel amplification :(. It is very narrow slot if pushing the plug into the socket you get stereo sound with both channels.   So far not too good. If finally get the canes to work the sound is enjoyable. Especially middle range deliver nice touch of...
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A comfortable style-statement with a good sound.


Pros: Dynamic, tight low end, imaging, airy treble, typical B & O signature.

Cons: Needs amping for bringing the right perfomance.

***** After a month of use, the sound seems to settle upon to something so, I came back to edit them *****    Background of getting these: Coming from a AKG K551, which were extremely big, I had seen weird looks from people, when I tried to wear them in public. Being 'embarassed' by that, I decided, to move on to something more public friendly, still sounds decent. I just wanted something which fits with most of my dressing style. My kind of liking of sound was 551, always: forward mids, large soundstage. I don't care much about the subbass, just need to be there subtle. Loved the ability of it to render complexity without getting mixed up. To me, that was enough. So overall...
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A gorgeous, extended and wide sounding closed back


Pros: Comfort, appearance, soundstage, extended bass and treble, smooth mids

Cons: Lacks mid bass / lower mids, no hard case (only pouch included), remote buttons okish quality, expensive replacement ear pads

Personally, I feel that this is the best closed back all-rounder I have tried for pure music enjoyment.  It honestly isn't perfect, but neither are any of the other few dozen closed back portables I've tried.   Style: This point isn't one I particularly care that much about, but the B&O H6 is one of the most beautifully designed headphones I have ever seen.  It's absolutely stunning to look at.     Build Quality: I simply can't fault the build quality at all, leather, metal and a little plastic which is some of the best quality plastic I have ever seen.  These headphones are built extremely well!   Comfort: The H6 is surprisingly very light!...
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H6 -> She is seductive


Pros: Textured sub-bass, articulate female vocals, clear treble, can sound expansive and wide, gorgeous design & high quality materials, comfortable

Cons: a little lacking in body and weight between 100hz and 500hz or there about, which might make it sound a little harsh and hard on some recordings

  ...True story: the H6 can make the Spirit Pro sound (a touch) muffled, the Spirit Pro can make the H6 sound (a touch) thin. Both being praised for neutrality.... Conclusion? The neverending quest continues!   It is great for classical, jazz, acoustic, and just good for everything else. However for modern pop, hip hop, edm they lack a little punch and warmth/body. EDIT: Don't know if it is psychological getting use to but I think the bass opened up after some burn in.   Side note: Sounds just about right on warmer sources.   an ATH-M50X would sit in the middle of these, but a little confused and less refined in the vocals and less resolving in the treble and...
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A good sounding comfy pair of OVER EARS


Pros: Sound is completely there, no bias at any point. They are super comfy too.

Cons: Although they fold flat to make them portable I don't understand why they don't fold completely, also why aren't there any cases!

I received these beauties yesterday, so this is just a quick review whilst I get to know them better.    First things, these look great, they feel comfy and despite the category that these are in these are definitely over/around ear headphones NOT on ear. The sound at first seems quite thin, but once you have listened to them for a while you begin to realise that actually there is a richness developing - perhaps this is psychological burn-in (I'm not starting that debate). Anyway, after about 6 hours they are already sounding much sweeter to me.    I don't understand the "there is no bass" critique, there seems to be just the perfect amount of bass. If I listen to...
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Expensive Potential, Incomplete Package


Pros: Comfort, Clarity, Amping Potential

Cons: Value, Boring

Disclaimer: Impressions after a week of use.   Actual Ratings   Comfort   Most comfortable closed-back headphones I've tried to date. No complaints.   Design   Great isolation.   Nice to look at. Both looks and feels high quality.   Lightweight, nice leather ear pads and headband with metal hinges but a plastic housing on the outer part of the ear pad.   Small in size and comes with a carry bag. It doesn't fold but the cups swivel. Great for portability.   Has a detachable 3.5mm rubbery cable which feels a bit flimsy and not as high quality as the rest of the headphone. Luckily, it can be replaced.   Sound  ...
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4 months after buying


Pros: awesome sound

Cons: crackles in left headphine

so after using these for 4 months they have been awesome, the sound have been awesome apart from a lose connection on the left headphone which was easily fixed, I got these for £220 from richer sounds which may sound a lot of money but the sound is amazing the bass and the treble have an amazing effect from my htc m8 which i think is the best phone for sound quality.   Just ordered the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x to compear  these with, after compearing them with the beats and sony for the same price range.
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