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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Enjoyable sound and lively high volume listening


Pros: Balanced open sound, decent bass, good fit, plays loud and sound great doing it

Cons: Pricey, May not be the strongest cable and connecters

These headphones have a nice open soundstage for an earbud headphone and are relatively comfortable to wear. The sound does seem to "settle" and refine somewhat after some time of burning in. They sound quite natural and relaxed especially at lower volumes but turn up the volume and these bad boys come alive. I find the slightly flat sound at lower volume levels does pay off at higher listening volume. They are not harsh or fatiguing and very satisfying to listen too. 

Negative Reviews


Not worth the MSRP...problems even when free


Pros: Free with the LG V20...nothing else

Cons: Abysmal mfg quality, never seen something so bad out of the box. No support whatsoever.

Believe it or not, I have been following this forum for years, but was too aware of my limitations to post a review or a comment. I created this account just to warn others of the lame approach that B&O is taking with these headphones when shipped with the LG V20. Same as other reviewer here, got the headphones with the new phone - which I actually sold, as I didn't want to give up my trusted S7Edge. But I kept the H3s as I absolutely wanted a higher end pair of headphones. I suffer from tinnitus and listening to music is the only solace I find... What a disappointment...out of the box, the headphones had the dreaded connector problem, where once inserted, they either cause static or...
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More Reviews


Get it while it's free (in Canada)


Pros: Warm intimate sound, excellent detail in bass, mids, it's free with LG v20 purchase (in Canada)

Cons: Build quality, poor cable, stock tips are crap, treble slightly veiled, straight connector

I took the scenic route to loving these headphones and almost sold it a couple of times. I picked these up for free thanks to a promotion my carrier Freedom mobile was doing where if you buy the LG V20 phone you get these headphones free.   It was a no-brainer for me as I needed a new phone and could even sell them if I didn't like them. Anyhow on to the review....   Build Quality Considering the price, the build quality on these is poor. Mine had some finish problems with the connector so there would be static when connecting to or moving the connector to my phone. Thankfully things smoothed out after rolling it around enough and this problem is gone. The back of these is...
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B&O H3: Bang for buck?


Pros: Warm, pleasant sound, open natural soundstage, fine metal finishing

Cons: Poor quality cable, lacks some definition, relatively pricey

This written review was essentially my script for the following video review, so the information contained in both is more or less identical. If you want a closer look at the H3, watch the video review! :)     INTRO   The H3 was something of an aspirational purchase for me, as ever since I began getting interested in audio I was always fascinated by Bang and Olufsen’s fantastic speaker and telephone designs. In recent years Bang and Olufsen have been releasing products targeted at a younger market under the ‘Beoplay’ name, and the H3 is the company’s first in-ear earphone in this range. It has a recommended retail price of $299 Australian or $249 American dollars,...
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