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Ayre Acoustics QB-9

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #118 in DACs


Pros: Great sound, solid state ease

Cons: None yet

I love this DAC. I heard decur's Wavelength Cosecant at a meet and he was explaining to me the wonders of async DACs and I fell in love with it but could not afford one. My choice then became between the Wavelength brick and the Ayre QB-9(Which hadn't been released yet). I had high hopes for the QB-9 and it did not disappoint. Compared to tube amps it seems slightly fast and digital, but it's a great sound. I think the value is on par with Wavelength products so I would rate it better than the brick and worse than the cosecant.

Ayre Acoustics QB-9

From Ayre's Web site: "Perfectly proportioned, the QB-9 is destined to convert your computer into an uncompromised digital library of your favorite music. A simple USB connection engages the Asynchronous transfer mode ensuring accurately timed music with jitter levels over a hundred times lower than previous USB solutions. Our minimum phase digital filter and single-pass 16x oversampling technology release layers of musical resolution—uncovering the emotional soul of your music."

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Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Dedicated Source Components › DACs › Ayre Acoustics QB-9