Awei ES-Q5 In-Ear phones with fiber cable

A Review On: AWEI ES-Q5 Headphones Earphone Earbuds for iPhone3G/4/4S, White

AWEI ES-Q5 Headphones Earphone Earbuds for iPhone3G/4/4S, White

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Pros: Good value

Cons: Short life span


I bought these from an Ebay seller for 6.98 USD after reading good reviews online, and on the Head-Fi forums, but found no official review, so I'll add my thoughts. I was looking for an above average set of in-ear phones that offered good value for under 20 USD. They met my needs and I would buy them again for the same price, however, they only lasted 3 months of normal gentle usage - the cable shorted where it joins the 1.8 jack and one channel cuts in and out when the cord is moved.


They are thin in the mids to high ranges with a bloated low end out of the box, but benefitted greatly from approx. 24 hours of burn in. Finding the right tips and fit was crucial to finding a balanced sound, but after offered above average sound after burn in and a good fit.


Good isolation, decent tonal and dynamic range, immediate but shallow sound stage are it's virtues. The only comparison in the price range I can offer is to standard iPod earbuds included with iPods and JVC HA-FX35-B Marshmallows, both of which the Awei ES-Q5s exceeded.


Brand and Model: AWEI ES-Q5

Material(Driver): Wood & Metal

Ear head diameter: 10 mm

Frequency response: 20 - 22000Hz

Maximum Power Input: 50mW

Impedance: 16 Ohms 

Sound pressure level: 106dB

Plug: 3.5 mm plug

Weight: 21 g



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