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A nice midrange desktop amp, using 6922 type valves

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Aune T1

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Pros: Smooth, well balanced sound, easy setup, good build quality/materials

Cons: Can be slightly civilised at times, heat management is questionable

This has been a very nice DAC/Amp for my Koss Pro 3AA phones, and while I haven't figured out some of its features (e.g. the gain controls on the base of the unit) I can understand the use it would be for someone. The only thing that concerns me is that after several hours, both the casing and the tube become incredibly hot and this contributes to distortion that I experience regularly. I have to unplug the valve regularly, and this raises concerns for me about the longevity of the electronics. Otherwise though, it has served me well, but anyone who is a sucker for reliability should probably stay away.

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I think you might have a faulty unit or tube because when I do long listening sessions or serial watching with different tubes - of course it gets warm and maybe between hot and warm but never incredibly hot like you say. Also never experienced any problems with "hot" tubes getting distortion. Only bad tubes that I have make distorted & crackly sound. I think the problem is your tube being bad & leaking when it gets hot (contractions between pins and glass make tube leaking). Get a new tube and reply to this comment.
Problems like this shouldn`t be cause to stay away from this product! Tubes are fragile and have their own lifetime, this doesn`t make Aune T1 unreliable!
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