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Aune T1


Pros: Value, build, and sound quality.

Cons: Just goes to 96khz. But that doesn't bother me.

My System:


Imac 27”

Audirvana (updated)

Aune T1 with EH 6922 tube

Audio Technica ATH-50M Headphones


I’ve had my Aune T1 for about a month now. I paid $188 from Sweetwater in Canada, that included shipping. Took about 2 weeks to get to my place on the West Coast. I bought strictly for playing music off my Imac and into my headphones.


I’ve owned a Schiit Bifrost, HRT iStreamer, CalyX Coffee, Cambridge DACMagic, and Audioquest Dragonfly.


The Aune T1 is not close to a BiFrost, but close to the DACMagic and Dragonfly. I would purchase the Aune T1 over the DACMagic and Dragonfly if I had to chose. It looks cool, has tubes, and is always a conversation starter. No one sees a Dragonfly and a DACMagic looks like an old wireless router. Fact is, I love when people ask me about gear when they notice a piece of gear. This is of my subjective opinion. Nothing against any other DACS.


Build: 4/5

Sound: 3.5/5 (Hi-end DACS usually being a 5,  for your reference. The 3 is solid)

Value: 5/5

Misc: 5/5 (headphone amp, tubes, and gain settings are not usually on $200 and under DACS).


Pros: Smooth, well balanced sound, easy setup, good build quality/materials

Cons: Can be slightly civilised at times, heat management is questionable

This has been a very nice DAC/Amp for my Koss Pro 3AA phones, and while I haven't figured out some of its features (e.g. the gain controls on the base of the unit) I can understand the use it would be for someone. The only thing that concerns me is that after several hours, both the casing and the tube become incredibly hot and this contributes to distortion that I experience regularly. I have to unplug the valve regularly, and this raises concerns for me about the longevity of the electronics. Otherwise though, it has served me well, but anyone who is a sucker for reliability should probably stay away.


Pros: Great tube sound, small attractive, well built, inexpensive.

Cons: None yet

This little unit is everything I hoped it would be. It makes a big improvement in sound over my Fiio E7 through my Sennheiser HD558s.


Pros: tube, cheap, good looking

Cons: not portable

Hi, i am a new comer in head fi, i am studying in beijing, and thanks to headfi, i bought aune t1. Yes they have none of the 6n11 tube anymore, mine come with eh 6922, which actually sells for usd 12 in China. (Of course i get better warranty :) ). I have used senn px 100 for 4 years and just decided to enjoy more music by getting the akg k240 mk2. Only to find out that other guys "cried" for having a usb dac and amp to power them. So i buy this aune t1, it hurts me a lot that quality is expensive. But yes i also cried the first time i listened to it. 


I have to admit that I need to learn the word "sound stage", "airy", "analytical". But here is my short review with my only standard being the original px100 and my local church band which i helped set. Listening on my new equipment tells me about good music and mastering. Bass and drums become more natural and closer to reality than the bass head px100. Sound stage is very small if your ear is not trained to differentiate from the laptop soundcard. But instrument separation, vocal pump is the keyword. A/b ing have revealed it to me. And yes, i must say that all music become more engaging, not to mention those background music on movies too.


i am now following this forum to see which cheap tube i should get. Thanks guys. 


Oh i also sandpapered the tube cover so i can unplug them easily.


*** update: the culprit for the underperfomance is the driver. After i installed asio4all and winamp with its plugin, then changing the midi output in the winamp, then turning off the input of aune in the asio properties, the sounds come up much louder. And the correct airiness. This is a lot of improvement for my k240 headphone.


Aune T1

The appearance of this aune T1 uses brushed metal material, it will be black and white colors. Assembled, the frame of the bile duct and bile duct are very beautiful, and this design can also be good to avoid burns caused by the unwitting non-user groups of onlookers. In the lower right of the fuselage for the volume adjustment button and input selector button, the user can select one USB DAC and headphone amplifier, or line input of pure amp. Interface and Features In terms of functionality, aune T1 is a DAC and headphone amplifier in-one product, in addition to a USB decoder interface interface to configure the digital input or output interface, there is no coaxial interface have some regrets, but this design highlights that this is a design for the computer to create one, and only a USB interface design seems to have gradually become the mainstream of desktop HiFi equipment, and even many well-known international manufacturers are beginning to such products are available.

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