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A Review On: Audioquest Forest Digital Coax RCA-RCA 75 Ohm

Audioquest Forest Digital Coax RCA-RCA 75 Ohm

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Pros: good value, innovative product details, soundstage and attack

Cons: pressure sensitive outer coating

I am using the Forest cable as a replacement for a simple 75Ohm video cable to connect my CD player to an external DAC.


  • One of the main reasons to choose an Audioquest cable is the cold welded connection from the cable’s conductor to the plug what physically reduces reflections. So I was expecting a change in the signal quality. I think it worked! By reducing the DAC’s afford of error correction the analog output improved a lot:


  • Now there is more air around the body of acoustical guitars, piano sounds are more sharp with added sustain and bass sound gain a little more attack.


  • The cable’s materials are wisely picked:

  • Small and slim but stable RCA plugs with the signal direction recommendation printed on it.
  • A silver plated, high quality copper conductor with formed PE dialectic
  • and good quality shielding using a special process to avoid interferences.


  • The only con on the cable is the pressure sensitive outer coating what additionally seem the be made of PVC? –well, there is room for improvements in every product.


I'm sure I'm risking a torrent of vitriol, but I'm sorry, I just don't buy it. If you hear that much of a difference it would mean that the DAC was in constant error-correction mode with the old cable, and if that were the case the effect would be much greater than a loss of air around acoustic guitars.
The good news is you only spent $30 for your placebo, others have spent hundreds (or thousands).
I do not think you are totally wrong: there may be a lot of voodoo and autosuggestion in hifi cables and I am sure I am not free from it. Additionally I am a cable DYI so I am engaged in “cable sound”.
With analog NF interconnects I am 100% aware that there is an audible difference from a €5- to a €50 cable!

In digital interconnects I am pretty unsure that there will be differences from €30- to a €300 cable and I think it is a matter of the protocols used to transfer the data blocks: that is why I am taking a good cable for S/PDIF and cheap one for USB.
But long story short: I am noticing an audible,  positive difference replacing the €3- by the €30 cable.
As long as you notice a difference it's worth it.
I am not a believer but I bought some decent cables "just in case" and to make sure the contact is tight. As an aparte, I watched on YT the founder of Audioquest and there is no doubt the guy is beguiled ! Sounds like some kind of twisted guru who ended up believing is the crap he is endorsing.
It is literally impossible for a cable to alter a digital signal. It just can't happen. You either get bits or you don't. Its like saying a different ethernet cable will change how this web page is displayed.
Do me a favor, pick out the cable 20 out of 20 times in a blind test.