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Audioengine A5 Powered Multimedia Speaker System (Black) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Pretty good bargain


Pros: Looks, build quality, sound

Cons: Black finish shows dust and fingerprints, boomy bass, difficult to position - Developed Fault, Returned

Build quality is good: Woofer dust cap and tweeter both pop back out if you push them in, so it is relatively 'child proof'.   Sound, especially treble and mids are satisfying but the bass can be boomy with bad tonal accuracy if placed on the wrong surface like a wooden desk etc which simply becomes an acoustic extension of these. So you either need lots of space for speaker stands, a solid granite desk or a clever way of mounting them to reduce furniture vibrations. In my case I made 15cm high stands out of solid insulation foam tubes for plumbing which raises the listening level to a good height and stops almost all vibrations to the desk.     *edit* I had the...
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Negative Reviews


Powerful but Lacking


Pros: Powerful

Cons: Lacks any real definition or clarity

They're better than any other PC Speakers I've ever heard, and are powerful enough to fill a small room. But that's about all the praise that I can give their sound, and it's not like PC speakers set a high bar.   The sound out of these speakers is very disappointing considering their price and all the rave reviews they've gotten. The bass is extremely muddy and lacks anything that even resembles accuracy. Mids and highs are distorted to hell and back. There's no detail in any part of the spectrum. Music just doesn't sound...well..."musical".   I really can't recommend these speakers to anyone. For only 2/3rds of the price (or less) you can get a pair of cheap Polk...
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More Reviews


Good speakers.


Pros: Loud, clear, not made out of cardboard

Cons: almost too loud for small rooms/apartments,

Owned these for about a year until i downsized to the A2s, these sound good, excellent warranty. Worth getting.

As good as pc/ipod speakers can be


Pros: sound quality/quantity....in that order

Cons: limited source limits speakers, finish

These are as good as it gets in terms of pc speakers imo (speakers connected via the mini plug).  I prefer stereo and these do sound quite good and can really fill a reasonably sized room pretty well.  They've provided more then was/can be expected. Very versitile as well.  Finish is kind of cheap, especially the gray ring around the woofer/tweeter. The bamboo ones do look awesome but still have the cheap looking gray ring. Minor quivels with great overall product.

Solid desktop speakers - with power to spare


Pros: Great sound, great value, okay design

Cons: Kinda big, somewhat of a boxed in sound...

  A quick touch on the A5's. I did some reading on line and apparently they were awesome... I also wanted something with a bit more use than saw the Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks and I'm really happy I went with the A5's!   Sound is great for speakers this size - one thing I'd mention is that these boys can get loud. Really Really loud.   I've heard the SoundSticks but I'm pretty sure they can't stand up to these guys.   Sound is rich, very detailed, great imaging - not the best... But for $350 (and cheaper online) great piece of equipment and I highly recommend it.     One thing to note - they are on the larger side and I have them on my...
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