Very good sound from a small package

A Review On: Audioengine A2B Powered Multimedia Speaker System - Black Finish

Audioengine A2B Powered Multimedia Speaker System - Black Finish

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Pros: Great mids and treble. Bass is surprisingly good. Fair price. Great build quality, really solid.

Cons: Could be a bit cheaper.

I use these with my Audioengine D1 DAC (which is an excellent value DAC btw) and they really sing. The speakers have beautiful mids and highs for the size and price and although the bass is a bit lacking, it is of high quality. You can pair them with a sub if you want down the road. 


The build quality is brilliant. They feel really solid and well made. Audioengine are a great company and whenever I have contacted them they have replied to me promptly. The speakers also look great, very classy.


When I'm sick of listening to headphones these are beautiful small speakers to use.

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I have the A2+ and I love them. I would like to eventually get the AudioEngine subwoofer, but for now my Monoprice 8" sub will have to do.