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No bass, natural highs and sublime mids

A Review On: Audio Technica W5000

Audio Technica W5000

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Pros: Natural high frequency, Exceptional midrange

Cons: No low end at all

Right have the pleasure of owning these for about 4 months.


My Kit:


Source: Foobar through Cambridge Audio Dacmagic

Amp: Lehman Audio Blackcube Linear

Headphones: Audio Technica ATH W 5000, Audeze LCD 2 Rev 2, Denon AH D 7100, Sennheiser HD 800 and HD 700, Beyerdynamic T1




Very well judged high frequency, not too bright but still great detail.


Absolutely sublime mids, anything from piano to acoustic guitar and obviously vocals (especially female, think enya, emilliana torrini, florence and the machine) these cans make anything in that range sound supremely natural and lifelike, great timbre, honestly among my headphones these are the best for mids. 


Build Quality is excellent, the headphones are very light but the magnesium and ebony with leather pads are all very well put together and create a good headphone at this price. The case included is a nice branded hard shell case with some rather tacky looking red satin lining. The cable is pretty normal at this price, nice plug (would have been nice to have the wooden plug like the AT W1000) No complaints here.


Comfort is great for me, they are very light on the head and the AT wings work a treat for me, that said no head-banging or travel with these. I have had one or two complaints that these are too light on the head, but I like em.


Impedance is low on these and they do sound perfectly able and depending on source rather special un-amped. They wont go uber loud un-amped, but they portray a great sense of musicality.




Bass, these are not bright sounding headphones, they have excellent mid bass presence and are rather warm and easy to listen too, the problem is that there is no (zero, zip , nada) low end. Nothing, completely devoid of any skull cracking low end and that rules out a fair bit of music (Rock and Electro for instance). What mid-bass they have is textured and well defined.


Non removable cable, means you gotta be extra careful with the headphones.




Think of these like an exceptional pair of bookshelf speakers, something like the Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution for instance. They portray detail and musicality second to none, but please don't expect any really low end though, which is a let down given the price. These are super expensive headphones (lets be honest they are a fair wad of cash) and the fact that a pair of almost any much cheaper headphones kicks them in the teeth in any department (in this case bass impact and weight) is downright shameful. 


The above aside, I still find myself drawn to them and enjoy the comfort of the fit and sound. They easy to live with if you have other cans that can handle the bass side of life, but as your only pair, you will always feel like you missing something in the lower reaches.


How much did you bend the headband? After bending the crap out of them, they have enough for me to be using them at the moment. They don't struggle at all (they actually punch really well) with my current strange desire to listen to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
If anything, I wish the midrange didn't sound so weird, but that's about par for the course with AT.
He's right about Emiliana Torrini through these things, absolutely stunning...
Very good review.
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