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A Review On: Audio-Technica Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones (ATH-WS55BK)

Audio-Technica Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones (ATH-WS55BK)

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Pros: Tight Bass, Detailed treble

Cons: Hard Clamp

This is my first review on head-fi. Please excuse if you don't find extensive or very helpful.


First I would like to explain sound signature. I am new to this audiophile business and will try to describe sound as best as I can.


Headphones have strong and impact full bass, not overpowering, clear mids, not very detailed but decent, clear and detailed treble. I have not heard a lot of headphones that have V shaped sound signature, so can't say if its V shaped but vocals and instruments don't feel recessed or in background.


But bass and treble are clear focus of these headphones. Decent treble presence and detail give these a bright character. They are very musical and fun sounding.


That said, I personally prefer dark sound. Listening to these for 8 hrs straight is rather fatiguing.


They are also quiet stylish but have a hard clamp.Stretching with hand and straightening then for few seconds have made them acceptable in comfort.


They are closed back so isolation is pretty good especially when fresh out of box as they are quiet tight.


Build quality is quiet good and they do look stylish. But plastic moving parts mean they make squeaking sound when moving your head around.


All in all, as they are fun sounding, decently detailed for price,  I recommend them if you need closed design and prefer bright sounding cans.


Amping: Recommend a dac and amp if possible. they are designed for portable devices but a lot more detail come out if used wit decent source.


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