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A Review On: Audio-Technica Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones (ATH-WS55BK)

Audio-Technica Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones (ATH-WS55BK)

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Pros: Very tight and controlled bass, energetic treble, excellent cup swiveling feature for portable functionality, makes electronic music come alive

Cons: Strong clamping force at first, build feels a bit fragile, V-Shaped signature not best for mid-centric music, treble can get a bit splashy

First, let me thank the people over at Audio-Technica for sending me a sample of these for review. You rock!

I was a bit skeptical at first about how these would sound, but when I put them on and started listening, I was instantly blown away. These headphones really make electronic music shine, especially with more atmospheric songs. DnB, electro and dubstep are perfectly reproduced.
However, these don't just make electronic music sound incredible, but everything I tried with them sounded incredible; from Mozart, to Styx, all the way to Skrillex, Rchetype and back. 

The Audio-Technica Solid Bass WS55 stands up to its name. These have some of the most controlled and detailed bass that I've heard, especially for a bass-heavy headphone. It is deep, impactful, and extends quite well. Even with a major bass boost from an EQ or an amplifier, the bass stays controlled. 

Build is a bit iffy. Overall, it feels a bit fragile, like it might crack if I were to accidentally drop it onto a hard floor.
The back of the cups are made of a nice aluminum with the Audio-Technica logo standing out.
These are excellent for portable use. The swiveling cups allow someone to simply turn the cup and listen to someone talk on either side of them. I find it very useful.


Comfort may depend on the person's head, but I found these to be a bit uncomfortable at first. The clamping force is really strong until you stretch it out a bit.Only took me a couple minutes of stretching to make them more comfortable for me.

The signature on these is more or less a V-shaped signature, but there's more upper-mid presence than I normally find with V-shaped headphones, so vocals don't really sound distant.
Separation is overall average with these. It's limited by the smaller cups.
Soundstage is also average. I wouldn't describe it as too congested, but it's not to spacey. I find there to be a bit more depth than width.

Bass - As stated earlier, the bass is very controlled and tight. It is really magnificent. Some of the best bass I've heard yet. Subbass extension is excellent.

Mids - Mids aren't too prevalent on these, but they're clean, clear, and overall a good presentation from them.

Treble - My favorite part of these headphones is the treble. It is energetic, lively, and sparkly, while not being sibilant or harsh. It can get a bit splashy with certain cymbals, though, but not too much. There's a good amount of detail provided here, but nothing to write home about.

Overall - I would recommend these headphones to anyone looking for something bass-heavy and clean-sounding to use on the go; especially someone that listens to a lot of electronic music. Build could be a bit better. Truly outstanding sounding headphones.


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