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A Review On: Audio-Technica Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones (ATH-WS55BK)

Audio-Technica Solid Bass Over-Ear Headphones (ATH-WS55BK)

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Pros: Looks(not on your head though lol), relatively clear, natural bass

Cons: comfort, build quality

I used and Htc One S and fiio e11 (no bass change)

*this is by no mean hi fi, but then again both of these headphones are entry level and not reall "hi fi" either


Well these things look great when you look at them straight on, but when you actually wear them the parts that connect the driver portion sticks out awkwardly and looks kinda funny. And as for the comfort the the ear pad size (half on/over ear) doesn't help, the ear pads seem to stiffen after a couple weeks of usage. I can only wear it for around 1-2 hours before my years start hurting.

Build Quality

The build quality is fine and doesn't feel like the headphone will break, but one thing that annoys me is that when the headphones are on your head and your rotate the earcups, they make a squeaking noise which concerns and annoys me...


So I guess I'll compare these to the m50s since they're really well known and easiest for me to compare these to...


I feel the m50s are a little less prominent when compared to the ws55s the ws55s are in no way sibilant they just have a larger presence, which I personally like. The highs extend decently and are fairly sparkly (can be a pro or con depending on your preferences)


Well as a beginning "audiophile" I'm not particularly good at describing mids... but what I will say is that the mids of the ws55s are less recessed and makes the music a lot more natural sounding compared to the m50s.


So... the bass pretty amazing in my opinion, its punchy and there when needed, but doesnt overshadow the music. This is probably the largest difference compared to the m50s... though many people say that the m50s have less bass to me i feel that the m50s seem a lot bassier and seems to bleed into the mids more while the ws55s seem to have less. Also, the ws55 bass seems to be less punchy than the m50's but is still good and outperforms many other headphones I've listened to for the price.


The ws55s are a pretty good value if you want a more portable headphone that still offers decent-good sound. When compared to the m50s it just sounds a lot more natural... for the price you can find this at I feel it is a better value than the m50s. When i first bought this headphone I thought I preferred the m50s, but over time I have began to lean towards the ws55s. One thing to take note is that for electronic genres I still prefer the m50s because of the punchier bass, but for just about everything else the ws55s are a clear cut winner.






PS sorry if this review is really disorganized, but I am new at this and still learning so cut me a bit of slack ;)

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LOL all the m50 has is more bass and still popular around here... glad you didnt completly fall for the m50 hype and got another good headphone , good review