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Audio-Technica ATH-WS99 | SOLID BASS Portable Headphones (Japan Import) Reviews


The best bass


Pros: Great Bass!!!

Cons: Not

        Best serious headphone bass that I have heard, you can listen for hours without tiring, bass are of great quality, his head shakes if you use an amplifier! The best is that bass not disturb the music!
Tyler Nicolo

Lots of BASS without too many sacrifices.


Pros: Great low end, very punchy, crisp highs

Cons: Mids suffer a bit

First thing you're going to notice with these cans is, of course, the bass. When properly amp'd, these things almost pop off your head. I haven't heard the JVC sz2000 or the Sony XB1000, but these have the most bass I've experienced so far. Some cans have punch but no sub, others have sub but lack punch. The ATH-WS99 has both. The highs are surprisingly clear. The mids are recessed and veiled. I have no problems with build quality and comfort.   Side note: I got these off of Sears website for $34 bucks with free shipping, refurbished from the factory. A freaking steal if you ask me. I thought it was too good to be true, until they came in the mail. They list for $250. I've seen...
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excellent phones


Pros: great bass and better soundstage + midrange than people expect from a $170 phone

Cons: no carry case

These phones have largely been ignored because AT did a lousy job of advertising and promoting them. I took a flyer on them hoping that they'd be a great portable for commmuting and use at work. After more than a year with them, I'd gladly make the purchase again. I have heard others talk about pain, but I haven't experienced any and I have a very large head. I did flex the metal band a bit to minimize clamping force and that seemed to do the trick. I've owned the older M50s and my wife has the new M50X. The WS99's are considerably better than both: wider soundstage, better midrange, and far deeper and cleaner bass. Many would think these phone might be best for rock and pop, but I have...
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Great all rounder that can bring on the bass with the best of them


Pros: Sound, Bass, Weight, Looks on your head, great close out pricing

Cons: Open or closed, Portable or not, Not exactly a premium feel to it in looks, accessories or gimmicks

Got a secondhand WS99. Previous owner got them on (closeout) sale for 110€ and he was selling it for 60€. Just 4 months old. Couldn't resist.   First of all...what poor packaging. no case or cover. Just two cables. Both quite short. And pretty cheap looking. Cables can't be removed  and goes into both cups. (How durable are these headphones). Build all plastic except for steel headband and alu cupcoverings and swivels. Definite lacking in premium feel or look. Very very poor isolation. Is it actually semi open?(oops missed that it was an semi open headphone) Everyone can hear what i am playing and I also can hear outside noise quite easily when no music is playing. So you...
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These sound much better then expected,the bass is just amazing so full of texture and detail yet so powerfull.....


Pros: Almost everything the detail,texture of the bass, the looks, standard pads are pretty comfi too...best headphone i own

Cons: Cable not detachable and is dual wired.

The impact from the bass does not go directly into your ears,but dances around your ears,so lushy and textured the bass sounds,so much better then my Q40's where i could not follow the basslines like i can on the WS99, i hear things i never heard before,like basslines going from left to right and it's so more unique and fun sounding then Q40's which is a beast but sometimes just too much....This WS99 is not as powerfull in mid and subbass like Q40's,it's just beneith it....And what it brings it does it with extreme detail, punch, texture and speed and of more quality then any headphone i owned.The way the bass impact sounds and feels/vibrates on your head is just pure awesomeness And...
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Versatility and style put together


Pros: Style, sound, soundstage, detachable cables

Cons: No carrying pouch

The WS-99 are Audio-Technica's top of the line headphones in the Solid Bass line- and rightfully so. These headphones are among the best that I've heard.   [[SPOILER]]    Build - The WS-99 shares a lot of its overall design with the the mid-level WS-77. However, the parts and quality of the WS-99's build are much, much above that of the 77's. The outer circles of the cups are much more high-quality. The ridges are more deep and give the headphones an even better look when hit by light at any angle. The ridges are actually quite sharp. They're able to cut through a shirt if rubbed on it. Learned that the hard way. They're made out of a high quality what I believe to be aluminum. You can...
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Top of the Heap


Pros: Well Defined Bass, Comfortable, Rich Mids, Detachable Cables

Cons: The WS77 is Almost as Good for Significantly Less, No Carrying Case

Introduction First off, I’d like to thank the folks at Audio-Technica for the sample of the WS99 for review.   Here it is, the pinnacle of Audio-Technica’s “Solid Bass” line of portable headphones, the WS99. Arriving in a big, audacious black box, the WS99 makes its presence known with its sharp (literally) aluminum accents, its large but not heavy construction and promises of excellent bass and sound quality. Jumping into the premium price bracket, with an MSRP of $250, sending it into direct competition with the Beats by Dre Studios, the original consumer focused portable headphone and, frankly, fashion accessory. So, does the WS99 measure up as a suitable king of the...
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