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Audio-Technica ATH-WS77 SOLID BASS Portable Headphones (Japan Import) Reviews

Positive Reviews


One Of the best bass-oriented headphones in this price range


Pros: Very controlled bass, excellent pads, soundstage, stylish, 90 degree jack

Cons: Cables are a bit thin, feels slightly flimsy

The WS77 is a bassy headphone that does practically everything well.Before I begin, big thanks to Audio-Technica for the review sample!  [[SPOILER]]   Build - The WS77 honestly feels a bit flimsy to the touch. I don't personally think that reflects on the durability though. Most of the build is plastic, but the adjusting frame and the back of the ear cups are aluminum. The back of the cups are also made of aluminum. The aluminum has a circular pattern which gives it a cool effect when light hits it. Reminds me of the volume knob on many amps that I've come across. Comfort - The pads on these headphones are excellent. Some of the best that I've used. Many headphones that I've used at this...
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Negative Reviews


Good headphone but not comfortable and not worth the price


Pros: Good choice for bass heads.

Cons: Ridiculously tight headband, Mids not great, poor quality cup cushions.

I purchased this for around $105 after my old cheap sennheiser HD202 cable broke. I used to HD202 for years and enjoyed listening to it.   Sound quality:   When I first listened to this my immediate expression was OK out of the box.  Even after burn in, I felt that sweetness and clarity was not up to the mark compared to my HD202.  WS77 has more base and that's it. It is tighter and controlled more than other bassy headphones.  Bass is emphaised and stretched towards lower mids that is a problem. Its kind a loose which ruins experience a bit. I could never realise importance of mids if I had not used hd202 before. I am no longer a basshead. hd202 has right...
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More Reviews


The Solid Bassline


Pros: Well Defined Bass, Fashionable, Great Balance, Good Comfort for a Supra-Aural Can

Cons: Slight Hollowness in the Mids, Might be a Touch Dark for Some,

Introduction First off, I’d like to thank the folks at Audio-Technica for the sample of the WS77 for review.   Yes, I’ve been on something of a roll recently with Audio-Technica headphones. First the WS55, then the Pro700MK2 and now the next entry into the Solid Bass portable headphone line, the WS77, which slots in between the WS55 and WS99 as the mid-range option in their lineup. Having heard the WS55 and finding it good but unrefined, can the WS77 outshine its sibling and offer a more compelling option to those looking for a portable headphone? Read on to find out.   Accessories: None to speak of.   Design and Build Quality: The lightweight plastic...
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Audio Technica ATH-WS77: (Insert Clever Tagline Here)


Pros: Bass, Speed, Soundstage, Looks, Build, Cable Strain Relief

Cons: Accessories (Or Lack Thereof), May be Uncomfortable for Some, Slightly Recessed Mids, Cable

See The Whole Review With Pictures Here: http://db-headphones.blogspot.com ... Oh and ignore the sliders for the audio quality, value etc. I can't edit the slider scoring on mobile. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Audio Technica in any way (other than how I'm using their product). I was not paid for this review. These are 100% my opinions on this pair of headphones... If you haven't stopped reading yet from boredom, then congratulations. You don't have a short attention span. So what I got here is the ATH-WS77 from Audio Technica. As part of their "Solid Bass" series, I wasn't expecting much in the way of refinement... I am happy to say my expectations were completely shattered....
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Great sound


Pros: Great sound, specially the bass, and it can be used with mobile phones and still get a great sound

Cons: After some hours it can turn to be uncomfortable, the earpads are a bit too small for over-ear headphones . Non-detachable cable

After reading lots of reviews I decided to buy this headphones. Everyone said they had a great sound quality, and they were right. I have tried some high quality headphones such as Bose Quietcomfort 15, and Audiio-Technica's sound quality is better. I'm a bass-guitar player and due to that I really want headphones with a good bass quality, but still with a good quality in the rest of the spectre. In that this headphones work perfectly. For thier value this are between the best headphones avlaible. Also they have a good passive noise blocking. You can "feel" some one is speaking, so you can pay attention to it or simply ignore it and keep listening to music   When it comes to the...
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